6 Games To Play On Thanksgiving That Dont Require A Board Or Pieces

Dated: 11/20/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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Heading home to hang out with the family Thursday? I’d put money on the fact that, at some post-turkey point, everyone’s going to get a little bored and in need of entertainment.

If you’re not a football-focused family, games always seem to do the trick. Don’t have any boxed-up versions laying around? Don’t fret — you’re not stuck actually talking to each other and/or retreating to your phone(s).

Below, six legitimately fun, family-friendly games that’ll help everyone hang out together, and don’t require anything more than a few pens, maybe a few sheets of paper, a little creativity and willingness to get silly.


You need: a group of at least four, pens and paper

The gist: Everyone in the group writes down five to 10 names on slips of paper (can be real people, alive or dead, or characters), and teams go through three rounds of Password-style guessing, each round getting a little harder. Depending on how punchy everyone is, it can get pretty ridiculous/hilarious. Full rundown on how to play “Celebrity” here.


You need: some people and some imagination

The gist: For this one, you don’t even need to scribble anything down — everyone takes a turn rattling off exactly what you’d assume: two true facts about themselves, and one made-up item. Other players get to guess which one’s the lie. If you have a creative family, this one’s really fun, and really funny. Full rundown on how to play “Two Truths and a Lie” here.


You need: a bunch of paper, pens, a large group of people, and a willingness to let your arty side out.

The gist: Kind of a mash-up of Telephone and Pictionary, it starts with players creating random sentences, the next player attempting to turn that sentence into a drawing. The next player only sees the drawing, and writes down what they think it represents it words, passing the sentence to someone who then has to draw it, and on and on. By the end of the line, things have usually morphed considerably… and ridiculously. Full rundown on how to play “EPYC” here.


You need: paper, pens and friends/family who know each other pretty well

The gist: Just like the TV show, but not broken up into couples. Everyone pairs off based on some other connection — cousins, mom/daughter, siblings — with teams creating questions for the other teams, and prompting answers. Questions and answers tend to get funnier with a few bottles of wine. Full rundown on how to play “The Newlywed Game, Cousin Edition” from the Huffington Post here.


You need: blank cards/paper, pens, at least four or so people with a sense of humor

The gist: This is a really good one if you love playing Apples to Apples, but don’t have the cards on hand. All the players are kind of creating a custom card set, from fill-in-the-blank clue cards (like “___ is my favorite lollipop flavor”) to creative response cards. After a handful of rounds, you’ll have a decent set of cards you can keep using and add to/cull from. Full rundown on how to play A2A here


You need: paper, pens and a bunch of books to work with

The gist: If your family home has shelves and shelves of books — many of them less than familiar — this one’s probably well-suited for your crew. Long story short: one player in your group picks a book and writes down the real first sentence; everyone else makes up a fake first sentence; the first player reads them all aloud, and everyone else guesses which one’s the real one. Correct guesses and successful fakes both earn points. Reminds me a little of NPR’s “Bluff the Listener,” in that the skill of convincing fakery is very useful. A full rundown on how to play “The Book Game” here.

Any of these on your usual Thanksgiving/Christmas entertainment list? Have others you swear by? Drop suggestions on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page — I’d love to add a few new ones to my collection.

If you’re planning on spending the 2017 holiday season looking for a new Nashville-area home, and could use some help finding the perfect place, reach out and tell me about what you’re looking for. I’d love to bring some yuletide joy your way, in the form of tracking down your dream home, and helping you make it yours.

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