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Dated: 02/17/2014

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Easy Spring Project: Refresh Your Deck with a Painted-On Rug

We welcome another guest post by my friend
Ellen Mallernee Barnes, who is sharing a post today on how to paint a "rug" directly onto your porch or deck. 

I've blogged before for T.J. about I am trying my damnedest to save my nickels and dimes right now. But because I'm a home decor junkie, I can't stop with the improvements to my old bungalow. That means finding cheap (or free) ways to update things around here. The outdoor rug I'd had for several years had seen better days, and I would have liked to buy a new one. However, there was no room for that in the budget so I painted one on instead. 

The best part about the project, besides the fact that it was essentially free since I just used leftover paints in my basement, was that it only took me about 30 minutes to complete. Not sure why but the rug looks deep turquoise and purple in these photos; it's actually a light turquoise and a "greige" color I had leftover from painting my front porch last year. I clearly need to repaint my patio furniture next ;) 

Most of the time it's a good idea to tape off an area that you'll be painting. (See the DIY Network's step-by-step instructions here.) But the place where my old outdoor rug was had left a perfect rug-shaped stain, so I just filled in that area and freehanded the edges. Since this is an outdoor area and will surely show wear after a while, it wasn't something I felt like needed to be perfect. Also, we never got around to staining our deck all those years ago, so it's in rough shape. I'm sure I would have hesitated far longer to do something like this if my deck was in pristine condition. I could have gone with a more elaborate pattern (like some of those examples shown above) but I love simple stripes, and I wanted this to be a quick and easy project. 

I'll have to let you guys know how it holds up over time, although I'm expecting that the elements will take a toll on it and that it will likely need a re-do every year or two.
Is this something you'd do at your own house? Tell us in the comments. 
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