Adding A Nashville Backyard Oasis With A Stock Tank Pool

Dated: 05/22/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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This probably won’t wow kids that grew up in the country, but the latest wave in swimming-pool innovation: the unabashedly old-school, low-tech stock tank pool.

Country Living says the DIY project — essentially repurposing a livestock water trough as a cozy swimming spot — is “popping up in more backyards across the country than ever before,” from small towns to right here in Nashville.

People have been doing this for years as a simple way to cool off in the summer, but of course, in the Pinterest age, we’re getting extra creative and detailed with it. Take a stroll through Instagram for insight into how the trend's playing out and a little stock tank pool inspiration:

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Michigan's @Justamom5 went all out with hers, putting the stock tank in-ground and adding a cool stone patio and serious landscaping around it.


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Low-maintenance backyard-goals shout out to Nashville’s own @heycasey. No mowing, still looks cool, stock tank pool smartly adorned with donut tube… perfect Nashville summer, right there.


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@arnocornillon in upstate New York is all over creative reuse, with a stock tank pool outside a shipping container home. Love the deck, too.

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@ink4u2c in the Blue Ridge Mountains added a simple mulch bed around the stock tank pool, and it looks awesome — the green pool noodle coping is a smart touch too.

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@mrslaurenash in Alabama has a no-frills stock tank pool, and a happy kid.

This project makes a bunch of sense for young homeowners with a small outdoor-project budget to work with, and/or homeowners who aren’t sure how long they plan to stay in their current home, and would rather drop hundreds of dollars instead of tens of thousands on a swimming spot. (Swimming pools aren’t among the projects with the highest return for home sellers.) 

Here’s a blog post from Embracing Motherhood that details the process of building and maintaining your stock tank pool. You could just buy a stock tank, fill it up and go, but if you want to avoid swimming with algae/providing mosquitoes with a perfect breeding ground, adding a filter (and caring for the pool just as you would a traditional swimming pool) is the way to go.

The method Embracing Motherhood used isn’t so complex that you’ll need to be an expert-level DIYer, but having a few power-tool skills seems like it’d help. 

What’s your take on stock tank pools? Did you grow up with one of these, and like the idea of tricking one out in your Nashville home? Rather go the inflatable-pool route? Always curious to hear your feedback.

If you’re looking for a new home in Nashville before you get started on summer DIY projects, I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell me about your wish list.
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