Adopt A New Friend For The Dog Days Of Summer

Dated: 04/21/2015

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by TJ Anderson

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Pet adoption has been important to me for a long while — I’ve sponsored adoptions and fostering through Metro Animal Care and Control for years, spurred in part by my own experience with adopting a shelter dog. I adopted Ella a dozen years ago, and she’s been my best friend ever since. 

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So I not only want to help dogs like her find forever homes, but help neighbors bring that kind of love into their lives.

This month, I’d be glad to help pitch in to give friends and clients a chance to adopt, but I won’t need to — MACC is waiving the adoption fee on all dogs and cats six months or older, through Saturday, May 2. 

The fact that you can take the cash you’d otherwise spend on the adoption fee and use it to spoil your new family member with toys and treats is a great bonus. But the reason behind the waiving is important: MACC is currently at capacity, and in order to take in more dogs and cats in need of homes, they really need to encourage some adoptions. So I’m encouraging too.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new dog to your family, here’s some food for more thought: These pups are among the “extended stay” residents at MACC — they’ve been looking for their families for a while, and have a lot of love stored up to share. I wanted to introduce a few of them, in case one is the new friend you're looking for.


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Pet ID: A117209

Perfect for you if: you’re looking for a bigger dog (she’s 50 pounds) who can hang when you’re active and when you just want your Netflix time. 

Click to learn more about Blueberry.


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Pet ID: A118027

Perfect for you if: you want a young guy (he’s only 10 months old) with puppy energy and playfulness. 

Click to learn more about Boone. 


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Pet ID: A118093

Perfect for you if: you’re looking for a smart and curious buddy to accompany you on neighborhood walks.

Click to learn more about George.


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Pet ID: A118004

Perfect for you if: you need a mid-sized pup (he’s 26 pounds) that’s eager to meet new people and new pup pals. 

Click to learn more about Johnny.


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Pet ID: A117739

Perfect for you if: you’re drawn to smart, shy friends. 

Click to learn more about Girly.


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Pet ID: A117406

Perfect for you if: you have an active lifestyle and want a furry friend to complement it.

Click to learn more about Merle.


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Pet ID: A117594

Perfect for you if: you’re in need of a snuggle partner who won’t take up the whole couch (she’s 40 pounds and full grown at 4 years old). 

Click to learn more about Peaches.


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Pet ID: A117740

Perfect for you if: you’re hunting for a new hiking partner.

Click to learn more about Radio.

Take a look at more MACC pups on Petfinder, and let me know if you do end up adopting — I’d love to hear about it. And if you don’t make it before May 2, my offer always stands: Reach out and let me know, and I’d love to sponsor your adoption.

To keep up with happenings at MACC, like Stand By Your MACC on Facebook.

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