Brentwood TN Homes For Sale That Offer A Little Something Different

Dated: 02/05/2018

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by TJ Anderson

I love looking at homes for sale in Brentwood — well-kept homes in manicured communities leave little to complain about. Given the way Brentwood was developed, though, with subdivisions that put effort toward clean uniformity, you do find a lot of similar properties to pick from. Namely: traditional red brick, like the above.

Traditional red brick homes are beautiful, and for a lot of Brentwood homebuyers, a preference. But like all things home design, they’re not for everyone.

If you love Brentwood and hope to make it home, but don’t find traditional red brick houses tugging at your heartstrings, here are a few Brentwood properties that come from a different place, design-wise — some a little more classic, more modern, more exotic. All are thoroughly beautiful, and on the market now.

5115 W Concord Rd

Brentwood, TN 37027


When a listing agent calls a home “unique,” it’s usually code for “DIY disaster,” or something similar. With this 1977 home, it was the exact descriptor to pick, and it’s definitely a compliment — I honestly don’t know how to properly categorize this place, other than to say that every room is infused with creativity and originality. If it were mine, I might like to bring a little cohesiveness to the all-around design, but as it is, the place is remarkably cool, and homebuyers who don’t get inspired by predictable homes should definitely get inspired by this one.

9560 Faulkner Square Lot 229

Brentwood, TN 37027


You’ll find plenty of beautiful red brick in the Taramore community, but new Taramore Grove builds — including townhomes and single-family properties, like this one — have throwback vibes that might catch homebuyers yearning for historic looks, but hoping for modern ease. This particular plan, The Donnelly, gives a little something to buyers who love a Victorian turret, and gives a lot to buyers with growing families (each of the 5 beds has its own bath, plus one more bath for good measure).

1209 Arrowhead Dr

Brentwood, TN 37027


Built in 1983, this Indian Point property probably started out as a traditional red brick home. I included it because the total remodel gave it a completely fresh personality, top to bottom — some upscale farmhouse vibes, a few midcentury-leaning light fixtures, a powder room that feels more early-1900s. It all comes together somehow, too.

{mls: 1880746}

6020 Landmark Pl

Brentwood, TN 37027


A 1980s home with contemporary bones, this one’s full of curves and window banks and surprises that you might not assume from the exterior. The biggest (and best) surprise: a massive solarium with an indoor pool, spa and wet bar.

45 Governors Way

Brentwood, TN 37027


At this price point in Brentwood, you can find a Mediterranean manor that leaves no need or style desire unfulfilled — this nearly 9000-square-foot home has a cinema room, fitness space, outdoor kitchen, salt water pool, four-car garage, a private balcony that feels like it was pulled out of a wine country, a warm library that beams Masterpiece Theater, different dining areas for the different moods you might be in (upscale/elegant, country/cozy, sunny/casual), and on, and on, and on.

Is Brentwood where you want to be? I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Just call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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