Champagne Cocktails For A Southern New Years Eve Party

Dated: 12/27/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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I rarely drink champagne outside of New Year’s Eve — once in a while for a celebration, probably like most people. Still, I’ll admit that now, with a good few New Year’s celebrations behind me, I can get a little bored with a straight flute of sparkling wine.

Some wine and spirits purists will probably put a hex on me for admitting that, or accuse me of choosing lousy sparkling wines. Some truth there, at least. But clearly, some well-educated bar brains see value in ringing in the New Year with a little something extra in your glass, too, since my hunt for cool champagne cocktails fit for a Southern celebration was pretty fruitful.

I tried to find ideas and suggestions from mixologists/bars/restaurants I know and love in Nashville, but spread a little beyond, too. All of these are on my maybe list for putting 2017 to bed, and welcoming 2018.

Looking for a little something different for your New Year’s Eve party? Hope these provide inspiration:

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Classic Champagne Cocktail

Food & Wine magazine nods to classic downtown Nashville restaurant Merchant’s as a prime provider of this classic choice, tracing back to the mid-19th century and still made the same way, with bitters and a sugar cube. Full recipe here, from Food & Wine.

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In the Rain

Sommelier Sam Stoppelmoor (formerly at Union Common in Midtown Nashville) told Nashville Lifestyles magazine that he also loves a classic champagne cocktail, but also shared some other options for New Year’s Eve celebrators who want to get a little more creative. Among those champagne cocktails: this complex drink, with Black Strap rum, Falernum, lime juice, lavender bitters and peppermint tea syrup. Recipe here, from Nashville Lifestyles

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The Buggy Whip

The folks at Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery in Nashville recommend something a little more stout, with their bourbon plus Cointreau and a few other ingredients, amping up the bubbly. Full recipe at

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Winter’s Kiss

Heading down to Birmingham for this one, but it felt fitting, and easy to make: just Rosé Champagne, a sugar cube, citrus bitters and some fresh rosemary. Full recipe at

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Royal Julep

Few things feel more like a Southern celebration than a Julep. This twist on the form includes sparkling Prosecco, vodka, lemon juice and a few other fresh flavors. Full recipe from Town & Country magazine here.

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Spring Fizz

Sure, this cocktail from Mafiaoza’s isn’t driven by Champagne, and it’s more spring-y than winter-y. But we’re celebrating renewal, right? And with floral flavors from St-Germain, plus fresh orange juice and champagne, it sounds like a perfect recipe for shaking off an old year, welcoming new beginnings. Full recipe here from Style Blueprint.

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Black Velvet

A few years back, Elise Loehr of Nashville’s F. Scott’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar shared a few of her favorite sparkling wine cocktails with People magazine. She loved a lot of standards, but had some creative/easy suggestions that caught my eye, too. In particular: another Julep idea, with ginger syrup and mint leaves, plus champagne. Among the longstanding standards: the Black Velvet, made simply with equal parts champagne and a stout or porter beer. That one’s particularly intriguing if you’ve ended up with cheap champagne, but have access to decent beer (which is easy, in Nashville).

Whatever’s in your glass on New Year’s Eve, I hope your celebration is festive and fun, and a harbinger of a wonderful year to come.

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