Cool Custom Wallpaper From New Hat Is A New Nashville Style Secret

Dated: 01/09/2017

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by TJ Anderson

Kelly Diehl and Elizabeth Williams of New Hat, photo via Germantown Inn

Question for my design-centric friends: How many times have you walked into a business in Nashville and found yourself unable to stop taking mental notes about the fixtures or finishings? It’s one of the fun side effects of living in such a vastly creative city — you might’ve walked in to get coffee, but you end up inspired to redo your home office.

It happens to me all the time — a few months ago, it led me to chat with interior designer Katie Vance, once I realized that half the restaurants I was going design-nuts for were wrangled by the same person.

My latest spotted-around-Nashville find: custom wall coverings popping up from East Nashville to Germantown, in bakeries and shops and inns, all with an unmistakably unique aesthetic — fresh patterns and color schemes and imagery that absolutely couldn’t have come from a big-box.

After finding myself wowed by shop counters and walls all around town, I had to find out who was responsible for what was clearly a new Nashville-style secret weapon.

Answer: Nashville’s New Hat Projects. The art and design studio led by locals Kelly Diehl and Elizabeth Williams has been churning out prints for an array of Nashville businesses, from Dozen Bakery in Wedgewood-Houston to the brand-new Germantown Inn in Germantown, and in the process, quickly putting their mark on Nashville, both literally and figuratively.

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The New Hat wallpaper designs I’ve come across so far have varied broadly, from simple (but vibrant) abstract patterns (see above, from Gift Horse in East Nashville) to prints that almost echo the busy repetition of a toile, but with a fresh, modern aesthetic (see below, from Germantown Inn). Their designs are big and bold, so New Hat won’t be everyone’s aesthetic, but to me, that’s part of their draw.

Early last year, I wrote about how I was getting more inspired by wallpaper statement walls, and with New Hat’s stuff, I can see particularly exciting, inspiring, unique statements to be made in more Nashville businesses, and more Nashville homes. 

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If you’d like to explore more of their work, I’d encourage you to follow New Hat on Instagram (and if you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to follow TJ Anderson Homes while you’re at it too). Feeling inspired to have Williams and Diehl add some style to your shop/restaurant/office/home? Check out the New Hat Projects website for contact info.

Are there other Nashville design names you’ve been feeling inspired by? I’m always eager to get fresh recommendations.

And if you’re about to start looking for a new Nashville-area home to put your unique style stamp on, let me know — I’d love to help you find the right place.

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