Data Says Your Nashville Home Could Sell For More With This One Tweak

Dated: 06/25/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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I have a lot of thoughts about the best ways to get your home ready to sell, inspired and fine-tuned by years of working in Nashville real estate.

When I work with prospective Nashville home sellers, the recommendations I give will be specific, unique to their home, their neighborhood and their situation. There are some market-ready tips that are universal, though, and making sure your front door offers a warm, clean welcome is on that list.

Still, even I was surprised, reading about Zillow data that shows just how much of a boost certain door paint colors can bring to a home’s selling price.

From Southern Living:

“The biggest boost came from a black or charcoal gray front door — Zillow found that homes with a front door in one of these colors could sell for $6,271 more than expected. That’s a huge increase in potential sale price for the simple, one-day task of painting your front door.”

Really? Six grand just from a door? It’s what the numbers say, nationwide — Zillow compared more than 135,000 U.S. home photos and crunched sales-price numbers to come up with the conclusion: Those black or charcoal doors tended to correlate with a 2.9 percent larger windfall. 

How that data plays out on the ground

I find studies like this really fun, and interesting — they give me a lot to think about as a Nashville Realtor and when we take on home renovation, restoration and building projects.

That said, I’m not gearing up to tell all my clients to run out for some charcoal paint. Trends and data are starting points, and ultimately small but important details like this always depend on a mix individual factors. Your East Nashville home might benefit from a front door with a pop of bright color. Your heavy, original, white oak door in Green Hills might show best letting the wood-grain take the lead.

My personal interpretation of the data: I don’t think it’s the door color that drew the higher sales price. I think homeowners who have the boldness and foresight to do a black door probably have a well-thought-out, design-centric home that hits a mix of buyer-attracting notes.

And ultimately, there’s no one-color, one-style-fits-all solution to sales-enticing home design choices. It’s part of the fun, and part of the challenge.

If you do choose black and charcoal paint colors

With all my caveats there, I’ll still say, if your front door could use freshening and the data has you inspired, choosing charcoal or black can be sleek and stylish.

It’s a weird thing, with dark paint; historically, people have reacted to it like it makes everything dungeon-y, but in everything else non-real estate, black tones are always seen as chic. The reality is, black and deep gray work with everything, you just want to pair them well and not overdo it.

Think of it like an outfit — a man in a black tux is just a man in a black tux, but if you do a sharp pocket square, or a bold tie, you get a statement that really catches attention.

In and on homes, black and charcoal work well when paired with totally contrasting colors or wood grains — something to make the deep tone pop. See the little red schoolhouse we did, below. (In person, this door color was actually much more blue, but this photo brought out the charcoal tones in the paint and I saved it for future reference because I like the juxtaposition so much.)

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Having a hard time choosing a charcoal paint color that sits in the sweet spot? Through years and years of trial and error, these are the two tones I found that I now go back to again and again:

Sherwin-Williams Inkwell: SW 6992 

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Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore: SW 7069 

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Both of these bring drama and style and pair well with a wide mix of exterior colors. Great for doors, great for kitchen cabinets, and, I think, great for your whole exterior.

Hope this offered some food for thought. Need some more specific advice about getting your Nashville home ready to sell? I’m always happy to help. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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