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Dated: 06/03/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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When you approach the process of house hunting, you have a lot of initial decisions to make that hinge on how you spend your time, and how you want to spend your time. Sometimes we begin with the neighborhood; most of the time, we start by landing on the type of home that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Do you love lush surroundings and not mind weekends at the mower? Single-family homes are probably more your speed. All-the-time inside kid? Maybe let’s talk townhomes.

Lots of us ride the middle here, too: We want just a little bit of property, but not the responsibility of endless amounts of upkeep.

For buyers riding that line, I tend to suggest exploring some attached properties — some of the convenience of a townhome, some of the privacy of a detached home. Generally, you can get a lot of interior square footage for your dollar when you’re sharing the exterior square footage.

We just listed two beautiful attached homes in Woodbine-Flatrock: 301 Radnor Street and  299 Radnor Street. With these, you’re looking at about 2000 square feet with upscale, Craftsman details and high-end fixtures and appliances, plus a location on a quiet street in a rapidly rising neighborhood, all under $330K.

We’re not hosting an Open House at those this weekend (although we’d be glad to show them to you if you’d like to schedule something). But since those beautiful properties are on my mind, I aimed this week's Open House roundup at giving you a broader look at attached homes on the market in the area right now.

First, the big picture:


And then, my picks:

{mls: 1728034}

2324 Riverside Dr #5

Nashville, TN 37216


Cottage communities — kind of the sweet spot between townhouses and single-family homes — are really popular in a lot of cities, and are getting more and more popular in many parts of Nashville. You’re not sharing any walls with this 2-bed, 2 2 1/2-bath house at the Miro East cottage community in East Nashville, but your weekend property-maintenance time will be minuscule. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

{mls: 1719797}

818 B Delmas Ave

Nashville, TN 37216


With the growth in Inglewood lately, a budget around the mid 300s doesn’t spread as far as it once did. Attached homes like these, though, bring high-end new construction with 2000-plus square feet into view in that budget range. Each of these properties has a good-sized yard, too — enough to enjoy being outside without being chained to the mower all day. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

{mls: 1724000}

1511 B Gale Ln

Nashville, TN 37212


I know: Just because you don’t want anything to do with yardwork doesn’t mean you don’t want anything to do with the outdoors. Some of us would just prefer to have a margarita in our hands instead of a rake. This Belmont/12 South area home makes a lot of sense for folks of that ilk — there’s a stunning roof deck and cute covered courtyard for entertaining (and a two-car garage), plus almost 3,000 square feet of living area inside. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

{mls: 1719834}

3121 A Belwood Street

Nashville, TN 37203


There’s a massive amount of space in this attached West End home — more than 3200 square feet, with a 2-car detached garage — every bit of it with upscale finishes. And buyers on the hunt for walkability will definitely love the location, with restaurants, shops and Centennial Park all close by. Open Sunday 1 to 3 p.m.

{mls: 1733245}

608 B Hume St

Nashville, TN 37208


If you’re looking for proximity to things to do, it’s hard to beat this location in the Germantown area — you’re a stone’s throw from exceptional restaurants like 5th & Taylor and City House, and a short skip from the Nashville Farmers Market, too. The home itself has lots to brag about, including cool modern design and spectacular skyline views from the master and killer roof deck. Open Sunday 1 to 4 p.m.

Curious to see more of what the attached-home landscape looks like? More interested in the condo route, or something on the single-family side? Reach out if we can help you find the perfect home to suit your needs.

Properties are listed with their own respective real estate firms, and not under agreement with TJ Anderson and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC.

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