Google Fiber Finally Arrives In A Nashville Neighborhood

Dated: 08/25/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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It’s been so long now, seemingly, that a lot of us probably forgot it was happening. But this week, at long last, the folks at Google made an announcement: Google Fiber was finally entering homes in Nashville, starting with Sylvan Park.

Google Fiber told Nashville Public Radio that new-service installations should kick off next week, so we’re close to finally, really hearing if the touted super-fast Internet service meets the hype.

(To be fair, it did roll out in a few apartment buildings in Midtown and The Gulch in 2016, but I’d say that’s too small a move to really count as a Google-Fiber’s-here experience.) 

This wasn’t all foot-dragging on Google’s part — there was a complicated web of bureaucratic complications featuring utility poles, Metro Council movements and lawsuits holding GF implementation back. Essentially, a “One Touch Make Ready” ordinance would allow for faster utility-pole installation; the Nashville adoption of that ordinance led to lawsuits from AT&T and Comcast, which own poles here. 

A similar lawsuit in Louisville was just dismissed, which may hint on what’s to come here. But (more) time will tell.

Google Fiber fast facts

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Are you excited? Dubious? Bored after more than two years of waiting?

If you haven’t dug in much, here are the basics of why many Nashvillians — myself included — have had their interest piqued by Google Fiber possibilities:

— The specifics on their super-fast service: GF’s Fiber 1000 offers up to 1,000 megabits per second, which the company says would make downloading an HD movie take 40 seconds

— data is unlimited

— the service doesn’t require monthly contracts

Basic Internet service with Google Fiber runs about $50 a month; tricked-out Internet plus cable (with 200-some-odd channels) runs about $160. More about the Google Fiber service options here.

For comparison, AT&T’s fiber service (which has also been made available in Nashville) is being advertised at those 1000Mbps speeds for about $80 a month; a 24-month deal adding their U-verse TV service was listed at $120.

Ultimately, whatever you think about Google Fiber’s initial entrance into the Nashville market, it looks like where we’ll be sitting soon is a) being able to weigh out fast Internet services with similar price points and b) having the option to avoid Internet-company commitment, if that’s our comfort zone. If nothing else, it’s nice to have competition.

Live outside of Sylvan Park and wondering when you’ll get a chance to try Google Fiber? Bummer: When asked by the Nashville Business Journal, reps “declined to share which neighborhoods are next in line, or how long it will take to fully deploy the service in Nashville.” Might have to just move to the West side to be sure.

If you’re about to start shopping for a new home, and this Fiber news is swinging you toward Sylvan Park, I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell me about what you’re looking for.

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