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Dated: 07/15/2015

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by TJ Anderson

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Word’s been getting around this week about Brooklyn’s Urban Cowboy B&B coming to Nashville, taking over the former Top O’ Woodland, a beautiful and historic Queen Anne Victorian on Woodland Street in East Nashville

As Top O’ Woodland, the vibe was distinctly in line with the home’s early-1900s history, but word from Nashville Business Journal is that the new owner, Lyon Porter, is renovating with more of a sleek, Brooklyn-esque aesthetic.

Victorian homes are easy to fall in love with, with their towers and bays and porches and decorative trim, and walking into one can feel like a vacation into the past — which definitely has something to do with why so many B&B owners gravitate toward Victorians.

It’ll apparently be a little while before Urban Cowboy opens up, but there are plenty of other Victorian B&Bs in Tennessee, from Falcon Rest in McMinnville to the Doe River Inn in Elizabethton

What if you’re less inclined to vacation in a storybook Victorian, and more inclined to live in one? The Nashville area provides there, for sure.

I took a look around Middle Tennessee for some Victorian-style homes on the market now, and found some serious charmers:


{mls: 1649288}

1553 Championship Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37064 


While this isn’t a historic home (it was built in 2007), as you can see, the beautiful touchstones of Victorian design are front and center on the exterior — that front porch alone is enough to inspire dreamy visions of fall afternoons on a rocking chair. The interior is bright and contemporary, but doesn’t skimp on the time-tested design either, with detailed chandeliers and ceiling medallions and crown moulding. 

East Nashville

{mls: 1648279}

1211 Forrest Ave.

Nashville, TN 37206 


East Nashville is known and loved for its historic homes, and this Lockeland Springs Victorian, built in 1911, is a perfect example of why. High ceilings, transom windows, gorgeous fireplaces and that huge, welcoming porch are just a few of its attractive qualities.

12 South

{mls: 1623164}

1012 Halcyon Ave.

Nashville, TN 37204 


A 1910 Victorian with a fantastic 12 South-area location and tons of original details, from fixtures and fireplaces to ornate trim. Its updated areas — like the renovated kitchen — bring some modernity without taking away from the home’s charm.

Waverly Place

{mls: 1640494}

1903 Hillside Ave.

Nashville, TN 37203 


You don’t have to be working with a regal budget to own a historic, Victorian-style home. This 3-bedroom in Waverly Place/Belmont is cozy, with 1,400-plus square feet, and at a budget that isn’t unattainable. And those great historic qualities — 11-foot ceilings, antique fixtures, a wrap-around porch — are just as sweet here as in larger estates.

Buena Vista

{mls: 1647693}

1040 Scovel St.

Nashville, TN 37208 


The scalloped shingles and gingerbread porch detail give a beautiful sense of this 1910 Buena Vista home’s history. Inside, everything’s updated beautifully (in line with a lots of the Germantown area’s recent renovations). Take a look at the sleek and smart kitchen and open living space — truly the best of both worlds.

Do you have your heart set on a Victorian or Victorian-style home? We’d love to help you find it. Reach out and tell us about your dream place!

Top photo: Top O' Woodland Historic Inn and Wedding Chapel
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  • Posted by Lori Wren
    I am interested in a home that has character, is 1500 sq.ft. or smaller. I do not have a home to sell, but I have owned a condo in CA and sold it for a profit. I want to live in a nice neighborhood near or in Nashville. I live with my daughter in a 925sq.ft. home in Mountain Home, AR .
  • Posted by Lori Wren
    I could see myself in a loft near downtown. I could also see myself in a Craftsman or Victorian home or a place that also has income potential.

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