Nashville Area Wines To Pair With Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Dated: 11/09/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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OK, now that Election Day is over, bring on the wine.

Middle Tennessee is still a good ways off from being considered a winery hotspot, but, like I wrote last year, there’s a growing contingent of Nashville-area wineries that are totally worth checking out, many for the landscape as much as the flavors.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, and this is probably a good year to have wine on hand, I’ve pulled together a list of local wines that’ll (so the experts say) go well with the classic components of your Thanksgiving meal. I like shopping local, I like Thanksgiving, and I like wine. So I liked this challenge. (I'm not a sommelier, exactly, so I dug around the Internet and consulted with some wine pros for direction.) Hope you like my suggestions.

Nashville-area wines to pair with your Thanksgiving meal

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pair with turkey 

The classic Thanksgiving turkey can kind of be like a blank canvas, so the pros tend to say that the best main-dish wine totally depends on how you prepare your bird. We’re gonna go for a roasted bird heavy on the herbs, and my sleuthing says a Pinot Noir is the best way to go, to complement the rich flavors but not overtake the turkey. Local option: City Winery Nashville has their 2014 Music City Pinot Noir, which they call “bold but approachable.”

$28 from City Winery Nashville, 609 Lafayette Street

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pair with ham

Wine experts say that the salty richness of ham benefits from a wine that has a little bit of sweetness and acidity, like a Riesling or Rosé. Locally, you might snag the Trio from Beachaven Winery in Clarksville. It’s a mix of Riesling, Muscat and Barbera, with fruity sweetness.

Beachaven Vineyards & Winery, 1100 Dunlop Lane, Clarksville, Tenn.

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pair with mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are another potentially blank canvas, but you’re in the south, so I’m gonna guess what’s on your table is rich and wonderfully fatty. A Chardonnay can stand up to/make good friends with the butteriness. Arrington Vineyards in Arrington has a bunch of pretty good selections at their place, including a creamy and smooth Chardonnay 2015.

$21.99 Arrington Vineyards, 6211 Patton Rd., Arrington, Tenn.

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pair with dressing

Particularly if you have cornbread dressing on the table, a dry or off-dry Chenin Blanc is apparently the way to go, to smooth out spices and complement sweetness. Belle Meade Winery has a Race Day White 2015 Chenin Blanc, made right here in Nashville (in Belle Meade, specifically).

$25.99, Belle Meade Plantation, 5025 Harding Pike, Nashville

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pair with cranberry sauce

To stand up to tart cranberry sauce, the recommendations I found leaned toward bubbly Prosecco or a dry Rosé. As it happens, Beans Creek Winery in Manchester, Tenn., has a Sparkling Rosé that they specifically recommend pairing with cranberry.

$24.95, Beans Creek Winery 426 Ragsdale Road, Manchester, Tenn.

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pair with pumpkin pie

Why stop at the main meal, right? When you get to dessert, your pumpkin pie’s best friend is a late-harvest wine that’s picked up enough sweetness to complement the pumpkin spice, but not so much that you’re downing a sugar bomb. Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Chenin Blanc all got called out in the stuff I read. DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards in Baxter, Tenn., has a Riesling that might fit the bill, with a mix of delicate sweetness and refreshing acidity.

DelMonaco Winery & Vinyards, 600 Lance Drive, Baxter, Tenn.

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Just one for the whole thing

Prefer not to get overly complicated? I don’t blame you. A lot of the sommelier advice I saw pointed toward a Gewürztraminer with enough spiciness and dryness to mix well with the diverse flavors on the Thanksgiving table. Centerville and Nashville’s Grinders Switch Winery has a Magnolia White dry Gewurztraminer that they say pairs excellently with “a group of friends.” So you Friendsgiving partiers: Maybe this one’s for you.

$19.99, Grinders Switch Winery, 1310 Clinton Street, Suite 125, Nashville

Hope one or several of these make it to your Thanksgiving celebration. If I can help you find a new Nashville-area home to host your holiday gatherings in, reach out and let me know!

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