Nashville Homes On The Market That Let The Sunshine In

Dated: 07/07/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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Last week I was accentuating the positives of our run of rainy days in Nashville. But I won’t lie — I’ve had my moments lately where I could really, really use a little more sun.

That got me thinking about something that’s always been on the top of my must-have list as a homebuyer: lots of windows that invite the Southern sunshine in.

I’ve met the occasional Nashville homebuyer who wants something more cave or cocoon-like, but by and large, I’m in the majority here, and just about everywhere else. Natural light always seems to bring out a home’s best side, and the brightness and life that a healthy collection of windows brings… it’s kinda worth more than just about any other home-design attribute.

For this week’s Open House roundup, I picked out a few Nashville-area properties that satisfy the need for sun, with big glass expanses that soak the space in light.

First, the broader options:


Then, my picks:

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500 Madison

Nashville, TN 37208


Germantown is one of my favorite Nashville neighborhoods, and if you’re looking for loft life, it’s one of the best areas to househunt. I really like this Summer Street Lofts unit’s main living area — wall-to-wall views of a fun neighborhood, with sunshine pouring in. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

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812 Breckston Lane

Nashville, TN 37221


If you’re gonna do a two-story living room, this is the way to do it: a long, tall expanse of glass, making the most of all that drama. That brightness follows over into the kitchen, too, with windows that wrap all around the eating area, right off a huge deck and a golf-course-green backyard on the southwest side of town. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

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121 A Lincoln Court

Nashville, TN 37205


Head up a floor from the Juliet balcony in this super-stylish Belle Meade Links-area build, and you’re in this gloriously sunny space, with a covered balcony right to the side. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

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1606 B 7th Ave N

Nashville, TN 37208


I’m pretty smitten with the rec room in this Germantown/Salemtown home. Bonus is, it’s one of many smart, stylish and super sunny spaces over 3000-plus square feet here. Other details you can’t miss: the curved wall-of-windows hallway, brick-lined and sun-drenched eating area in the kitchen, and a stunner of a roof deck. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

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2253 B Castleman Dr

Nashville, TN 37215


I like the design of this new build in Green Hills for a lot of reasons (really cool encaustic hallway tile is near the top). But my favorite touch has to be the window-wrapped second-story space that really pops on the front facade. I’d probably make it an office, and skip between there and the sun deck on head-down days. Open Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m.

Looking for a sunshine-y new home in the Nashville area? I’d love to help you find it. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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