Nashville Property For Sale That Lets You Build Your Dream Home In Your Dream Neighborhood

Dated: 04/12/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Along with helping people buy and sell homes in Nashville, I’ve been busy over the past handful of years pursuing a related passion, and working with a team on building new homes here in Music City, from finding properties to designing interior finishes. (This red schoolhouse was one of my recent favorites.)

It’s a massively rewarding thing, bringing these projects from the idea stage to the MLS, since I’m not just getting to be creative, but getting to see Nashville families start their new lives in homes I put my whole heart into.

It’s a ton of work, and a ton of juggling (not to mention the thrill of dealing with Codes), so building a home in Nashville isn’t for everyone. If slogging through bureaucracy makes you crazy, and being tasked with speedy problem-solving stresses you out, it might not be your best move.

But for certain Nashville-area homebuyers, there’s nothing like the thrill of finding a blank and possibility-filled canvas, and the opportunity to create a dream home that suits their family’s needs to the letter. Then there’s the buyers who, after months of househunting, feel certain their perfect home just doesn’t exist in Nashville, and that building is the best and only next step.

If either of those sound like you, take a look below: I dug into the Middle Tennessee MLS listings to find some Nashville property for sale now that might be the future site of your dream home, in your dream neighborhood. (Or, if nothing else, it’ll give you a sense of what the land options look like in various neighborhoods across town.)

1532 Harwood Dr

Nashville, TN 37206


Have your heart set on living in East Nashville? Harwood Drive is a great street in Rosebank — quiet, leafy and conveniently located — and at 68’ x 100’, this lot is a pretty good size for the neighborhood, where postage-stamp properties are becoming the norm with new construction.

507 Croley Dr

Nashville, TN 37209


West side more your style? Right in between fast-rising Charlotte Park and The Nations, Croley Wood puts you in the middle of all that West Nashville business growth, but in a corner that hasn’t gotten near as much publicity. This is a really large lot, with almost 200 feet of road frontage, so if you’re looking to live and invest in Nashville, two homes could rise up.

7112 River Road Pike

Nashville, TN 37209


If you’re willing to stretch further out west for property, your dollar can really stretch, too — take this 6.22-acre plot on River Road, listed under $140K. It’s barely 10 miles from downtown, about 2 miles from Charlotte, and — a pretty big perk to me — half a mile down the road from awesome farm/market/argritourism spot Green Door Gourmet.

2317 Pennington Bend Rd

Nashville, TN 37214


Intrigued by the idea of waterfront property in Nashville? Pennington Bend puts you right on the river to the north of Donelson, directly across the way from Inglewood in East Nashville. So you’re a straight shot to Opry Mills and Two Rivers Park, and really close to all the East Side stuff. This particular property is actually three lots, with 150 feet of road frontage, and you can put a boat dock in.

205 54th Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37209


Sylvan Park is, and long has been, a top neighborhood choice for Nashville homebuyers, and the home prices reflect that draw. So, naturally, land doesn’t come cheap, though at 92’ x 231’, this is a pretty good piece of property for the area, with a lot of potential. Here’s a Sylvan Park home on a similarly sized plot that’ll give a sense of what could comfortably live there.

4300 Scenic Dr

Nashville, TN 37204


Finding a decent-sized property in the Green Hills area that doesn’t involve a teardown isn’t the easiest thing, which is part of what makes this half acre in Glendale Park appealing. Barely two miles to Whole Foods, the Mall at Green Hills, the Bluebird and more, new homes on half-acre lots in this vicinity routinely get listed in the millions.

4604 Mountain View Dr

Nashville, TN 37215


Need privacy, and want views? This 1.27-acre lot is a prime perch overlooking the city, and the location has lots of perks, just east of Belle Meade and south of Green Hills.

Thinking about hunting for a piece of Nashville property to build your dream home on? Prefer to have your new walls and roof already in place? Whatever your wish list looks like, I can help you find a Nashville-area home for sale that fits. Just call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell me about what you’re looking for.

Properties are listed with their own respective real estate firms, and not under agreement with TJ Anderson and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC, except where noted.

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Nashville Property For Sale That Lets You Build Your Dream Home In Your Dream Neighborhood

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