Nashville is Nowville

Dated: 08/07/2012

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hip: adj. : Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is "it". Beyond all trends and conventional coolness.

Everyone wants to be liked in some form or fashion, right? Well, it seems that the nation is currently having a love affair with our fair city. All the national press might make the humblest of locals blush more than during a public reading of Shades of Grey. Nashville has arrived on the national stage, being featured in publications nationwide, from the Wall Street Journal, to The Times, to GQ. Anyone who has lived here for any duration of time can tell you that this city is different. It is calm, but energetic. It is patient, yet driven. Southern cities can sometime be categorized as "backwards," but Nashville is as forward as they come, both culturally and business wise. For years, Nashville was known as the Music City, with ten gallon hats and honky tonks leading the touristy charge of Aqua Net and Gingham. Lately, these classic attributes have been curtailed to one concise week known as CMA Fest. The city doesn't feel cramped either for that week, given that lovers of music outside of country venture to Manchester for Bonnaroo. We really do have the best mix of old and new. Everything old is new again, right? I mean, vintage homes are always en vogue, and Nashville has the finest of small villages for these citizens. From Green Hills, Hillsboro Village, Germantown, 12 South, and my home base, East Nashville, Nashville's architecture inspires classic Americana. I think this is what makes our city so popular. We have a classic spirit with an entrepreneurial eye on the future. In the last few years, we have been given a Nationally recognized, James Beard award recipient, in the Cat Bird Seat. Now, while I haven't eaten there, I do have my reservations for 2014, so I'll go light on the bread until then. We also have no lack of style in this city. Imogene & Willie has been recognized as one of the top places in America to shop for the finest in duds. I'm more relaxed fit than tailored, but I hear it's amazing. Nashville has also found a way to get fancy with COFFEE. Yes, coffee. Barista Parlor has recently opened in East Nashville with all the energy of a double espresso. Andy & Kimberly Mumma have created the ultimate caffienated destination. If a city can make coffee an experience outside that of no rent offices for struggling writers, we must have something special. NOW, what the hell does it mean for real estate? I don't think we know just yet. Here's what we do know: The housing market is BACK. We are seeing buyers who want to be here fight with each other for their slice of Nowville. We are seeing sellers who hate to leave for one reason or another, have their agony of leaving tempered by a solid home sales price. Agents are excited to sell this city again. Local businesses are happy to serve our residents. Our local economy is strong. All this can only lead to great things. #vivanashvegas
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TJ Anderson

TJ Anderson is a Nashville Realtor with Benchmark Realty who's helped countless clients both buy a home and sell a home in Nashville, Tennessee. He blogs about Nashville regularly, from Nashville-area....

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