Paint Your Nashville Home With Preds Pride

Dated: 05/23/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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Hey, did you know that house paint in official team colors exists? Including NHL teams? Including our own unstoppable Nashville Predators?

PPG — the company that makes Glidden and Olympic paints — has a “paint partnership” with the NHL, resulting in colors like Pred Yellow, Pred Blue and Pred White, ready to get rolled on your walls and siding.

As team colors go, the Preds' white, gold and navy isn’t a terrible combination for home-design purposes, at least in smart applications. (Some team colors are a lot more tricky — I mean, I bleed Vols orange, but you probably won’t see me spraying it onto my home’s exterior any time soon.)

I’m as fired up as the rest of Nashville right now with the Preds’ domination, so, unsurprisingly, my enthusiasm is working its way into my work. Which is why I stumbled on those paint colors, and why I've been thinking about where I'd put them.

Here’s how I think Predators colors play out successfully on a home:

{mls: 1826690}

951 Sharpe Ave

Nashville, TN 37206


Dark exterior paint colors are on the rise right now in a big way — I’ve been feeling that trend for a while, which explains why I picked cool and inky Iron Ore for the foursquare we built in Woodbine last year. For this East Nashville home on the market now, they went with a deep blue that’s not too far from Pred Blue, and trim that’s just a little brighter than Pred White. I think that combination is striking, of-the-moment and classic at the same time. A yellow door and you’d have the whole Preds mix in a way that’d be stylish and cool.

{mls: 1829324}

1536 Douglas Ave

Nashville, TN 37206


On the yellow door front: This historic home in East Nashville brought the brightness there. Personally, I think the bulk of the exterior could use a little differentiation (navy blue?), but I’m almost always down for a creative door color like this one. According to one national design expert, yellow in particular means you’re “daring.” If I’m voting, Preds Yellow means you’re unstoppable.

What do you think? Is your excitement about all things Preds going to bleed into your home color choices? Or do you prefer to wear your Preds pride on your person?

If you’re looking for a new home in Nashville to flex your color-choice skills on, I’d love to help — please give me a call or send me an email, and let me know what you’re looking for.

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