Selling a Nashville Home in the Fall

Dated: 08/08/2012

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When you think fall, what do you think of?

  • Crisp air

  • Football

  • Falling Leaves

  • Apple Cider, pie, etc..

  • Bonfires


Yes, house selling can be added to the list. Am I crazy? Some people may claim that, but I really don't think so. In my 7 years of selling real estate, Fall and early Winter have been my best months, as well as many agents I know. I've learned many truths about this buying and selling season here in Nashville.

You've probably heard that the best home buying and selling time is Summer, and you would be half right. Yes, most buyers get out and look in the summer, but mostly those buyers that have a timeframe. Summer buyers mostly consist of move up buyers, or families looking to transition during summer break from school.
Nashville buyers are more transient than that. While it's true that our Suburban neighborhoods experience more turnover in the summer months, our urban setting lends itself to the 12 month buyer. A 12 month buyer is one who can move whenever, close whenever, and is not anchored to a current property that would delay their move. A lot of these buyers WILL buy, not based on timeframe, but on finding exactly what they want, when they want. This is good news for those who think there is a standard amount of time in which a home will stay on the market.
Everyone always says, "location, location, location." I've always thought that was bogus. A person will tend to figure out where they want to be, and look there. Now, barring a horrendously downtrodden neighborhood or an airport in your backyard, you will buy what you like. the "location" maxim has been replaced with the "uniquely my style and in my budget" motto.
Now, besides the transient, fluid buyer, Nashville also offers something else in the fall...COOL WEATHER! If you think a house shows well when the buyer has been getting in and out of an air conditioned car on a 110 degree July day, you'd be wrong. Home searching is simply more enjoyable and pleasant during this fall season.
Home Sellers are you listening? Bake some apple pies, rake your leaves, and "Autumn Up" your home. Nothing is more Americana, Norman Rockwell-esque than a classic home in the fall.
Enjoy the season, and I'm happy to show you homes, just as long as it's before my VOLS play on Saturdays :-)
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TJ Anderson

TJ Anderson is a Nashville Realtor with Benchmark Realty who's helped countless clients both buy a home and sell a home in Nashville, Tennessee. He blogs about Nashville regularly, from Nashville-area....

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