Stylish Stuff For The Discriminating Dog In Your Life

Dated: 11/01/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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My job means that I play a big role in a time of big change for lots of families — it’s an honor I don’t take lightly, and one that I’m really thankful for.

As it happens, though, it’s been a time of big change for me, too. I moved into my own new home just a few months ago, and once we settled in, we welcomed a new member of the family: Lucy, the beautiful girl pictured above.

She’s already become a big fixture in our household, like dogs do, and it’s been fun getting her settled into the house we just made into a home (something she’s helping solidify).

I know I’m not the first dog owner to grapple with one side factor of a new dog in a new home: You put all this work into making your place look good, and then you go to the pet store to shop for all their needs, and everything you find is… let’s say a little lacking in the style department.

While I’ve been hunting for stuff to spoil Lucy with, I’ve found a few items that fill their utilitarian purpose while still allowing our place to look on point. If you’re on a similar quest, or think you might be soon, here’s some of the stuff I found. (P.S. I’m a huge proponent of shelter dog adoption, and if you decide to adopt a dog through MACC, I’d be more than glad to sponsor the adoptions fees — just reach out and let me know!)

Stylish stuff for your new (or not-so-new) dog

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Stylish dog dishes

Hey, they gotta eat. But that grubby bowl in the corner doesn’t exactly add to your kitchen’s charm. I like these High-Rise Collection bowls from Unleashed Life, because the tall, glossy porcelain design kinda just makes it look like a floor vase, minus the greenery. 

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Stylish dog house

OK, I’m not trying to say this is a particularly budget-conscious option, but with dog houses as with human houses, quality and style tends to come either with a higher budget, or some DIY work. Rah:Design’s MDK9 Dog Haus is among the former (just $3,650!), with Brazilian Teak and powder-coated steel going into a modern design that I’d be totally cool with sleeping in, if it came in a human-sized version.

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Stylish dog crate

Have a pooch who happily sleeps in his/her crate? Odds are you have one of those standard black metal crates that works great, looks… grating. There are lots of options out there for something a little more enjoyable to look at, but I think DenHaus’ BowHaus Modern crate is really unique and fun, and particularly fitting if your home leans toward midcentury design. It’s built with fiberglass, punched with a cool starburst design and finished with a sliding door. Mostly looks like a modern end table, but your furry buddy can curl up inside and snooze in style.

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Stylish dog bed

Sure, you can grab a glorified pillow at CVS, but doesn’t your mutt deserve the same Netflix-binge-time comfort that you and the rest of the family enjoy? (OK, maybe a little overboard, but go with me.) Might as well get the four-legged family member his or her own couch, like this Astro Dog Sofa from AllModern. It’s neutral in color and lines, which folks like me always seem to recommend.

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Stylish treat and pet food canisters

Tupperware works fine for this purpose if you have a big pantry or laundry room to keep the dog’s stuff in. But if you’re gonna have to leave things out, something a little more easy on the eyes goes on the shopping list. Good old Pottery Barn does OK by me on this front. For food, their Brody Pet Food Canister (pictured above) actually brings something to your decor instead of taking away. Then I’d shoot for the Rhodes Canisters for treats and stuff, because they’re simple and classic, and the cork lids give them a homey charm. If you really wanted to, there’s a label area too, so you could also put your dog’s name on there. Or totally hide that it’s the dog’s stuff, and write “pasta” or “sugar” on there. (Just make sure you check before you dump anything into your pies.)

Have you found any particularly cool stuff for your pup that you’d be willing to share? Love to hear your suggestions.

And if you’re looking for a new place for you and your family (including the furry members) in the Nashville area, I’d love to help — reach out and let me know what you’re looking for!

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