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Dated: 10/12/2012

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More than a few of the new luxury homes that have gone up in Nashville in recent years are curiously, and literally, connected. Especially in the 12thSouth neighborhood, you’ve probably seen two homes—often really, really nice homes—joined by a common wall or what looks like a bridge-like structure. I get lots of questions about why this is and why anyone would want to live in a luxury home that’s joined to a neighbor’s. Here are some facts about single family attached homes:

  • Most attached homes are built on parcels of land that are deemed too small for a single home. The attached portion of the home provides a way around this legal conundrum.

  • These homes traditionally have a single wall in common with another home—perhaps a closet wall or a bathroom wall. Newer construction ensures that noise and privacy aren’t normally a problem.

  •  These homes sometimes share outdoor space.

  •  Both homes have the legal standing of a single family home with separate lots.

  •  Both homes are individually owned. Owners each have their own mortgages and typically do not share any expenses.

  •  Most attached home owners choose attached homes for their value. An attached home allows a person to build and own a custom, full-size house for less money. This doesn't mean all attached homes are bargains. Many can be quite expensive.

  •  Architects often orient the homes so that, in spite of the homes’ undeniable proximity, doors, windows, and garages do not face the other home.

Have questions about attached homes for sale in Nashville? I'm your guy. 
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