Why A Shipping Container Pool Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Nashville Home

Dated: 06/27/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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Two home things have always kind of fought in my mind. One, I love, love pools (not an unusual opinion for anyone who’s lived through a Southern summer). Two, since I work in Nashville real estate, with anything I do to a home, I can’t help but consider the return on investment. And unfortunately, adding a swimming pool doesn’t score high on the ROI scale, and can even make a home a tougher sell.

A few weeks ago, I had stock tank pools on my mind as a low-investment, creative solution to having somewhere to swim. But this week, I think I stumbled on an even better option: the Shipping Container Pool.

Why a Shipping Container Pool is cool

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First assumption to dispel: Reading the words “shipping container,” you’re probably picturing something that’ll make your backyard look a shipping yard. But at least judging from Modpools, a company that fabricates modified shipping container pools, that couldn’t be less true.

Along with the above photo, check out the Modpools gallery — I’d be proud to stare at one of these in my backyard, prouder still to swim/sit in it.

The most visually interesting aspect, to me, with these in particular: the window, which comes standard in Modpools pools.

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Other fun aspects: These can be delivered worldwide (including Nashville), and get up and going as soon as they’re put in place; they’re heated, and come with a removable divider wall, so you can create separate hot tub/pool areas; you can control the heat/jets/lights from your phone.

Definitely the best aspect, to me: If you decide to sell your home in Nashville and move, you can take your pool with you.

The cost, ultimately, isn’t much different from installing an inground pool — those usually average around $30,000, and the standard 8’ by 20’ Modpool runs $26,900.

I’ve seen experts cite numbers as low as a 15 to 20 percent return on your invested pool cash, so knowing that you have the option to relocate your cool pool — even if it costs a few bucks — is a huge plus to me.

Check out more at Modpools.com.

What’s your take on the idea of a shipping container pool? Intrigued, or prefer the tried-and-true options? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And if you’re looking for a new home in the Nashville area — with or without a pool — let me know if I can help you find it. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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