Your Local ML MESS Volume 4

Dated: 04/28/2014

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After some considerable down time, the ML MESS IS BACK..Hey, we've been busy slinging houses with no time to come up with these amazing photos and the quips that come with, cut us some slack, ehh?. We take the best of the worst photos we have encountered on our searches for our clients. Not even the best of instagrammers can fix what we find. Enjoy!

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1. You won't like this bathroom when it's angry! Hulk. SHOWER!

2. Gym. Sleep. Music.

3. Oven and Refrigerator sold separately as Refrigerator has filed for separation due to Oven's relentless yelling and angry looks.

4.  The Refrigerator is the star of this kitchen! The condition or revenge plotting of the lesser heralded oven who waits in the shadows is unknown.

5.  Do you Smell, what this sellin? Do YOU BROTHER?!

6.  Basketball court for those who hate to dribble.

**all captions are completely satire & do not represent the pictures or homes being sold in any way**

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