Paint Color Of The Year Season Has Begun For 2019

Dated: 06/26/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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I already had paint colors on my mind this week — I just finished writing about a study that showed black and charcoal painted doors could raise the selling price of your home.

I have good timing, apparently, since it looks like “color of the year” season for 2019 has officially begun.

Architectural Digest noted that Paint company PPG loosed the first arrow, naming jewel-toned Night Watch as their color of 2019.

It’s a fitting slick choice, name-wise, what with the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones coming in 2019. (If you’re not a Thrones devotee, the Night’s Watch is kind of a big thing in the show.)

It’s also a fitting choice, tone-wise, since bolder design choices have been on the rise in recent years, from loud, patterned textiles to wallpaper with metallics and jewel tones.

If you want to use Night Watch in your Nashville home

Home style trends are moving toward bold color choices in a big way, and as a design lover, I’m excited by that. As a Nashville Realtor, I’m a little apprehensive — only because bold color choices are trickier to nail than neutrals, and I may end up with more than a few clients scared off by questionable paint choices.

You can slap a little greige on anything, and it’ll look decent. Deep charcoals and rich jewel tones on the other hand — they can go so right, and they can go so, so wrong.

If you’re feeling drawing toward something big like Night Watch, a few things to think about:

Test before you commit

Seems like a given, but I can’t tell you how many friends and clients I’ve talked to who’ve held a paint swatch against the wall, gotten their paint mixed and rolled the whole room before discovering that they hated the hue.

So, especially if you’re choosing a bold color like Night Watch, test it out first, live with it a few days, and see how it makes you feel.

The obvious way to test: Get a small tester can, and paint several areas (1’x1’ at least, 2’x2’ is better), ideally in different parts of your chosen space with different lighting.

Easy option that I love, for when you’re planning on using Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint: Try a peel-and-stick paint color decal from Nashville company Samplize, which is true to color and easy to reposition.

However you test, make sure to give it some long, focused looks both during the day and at night, to get a sense of how you feel about the tone in different kinds of natural and less-natural lighting.

Choose the right space, the right place and the right finish

A great color isn’t necessarily great in every context. Especially a rich one like Night Watch. In certain rooms and with certain placements, your color will accentuate the mood you’re hoping for. In others, it might do the opposite.

Jewel tones like Night Watch bring elegance, drama and romance. For me, that screams “dining room.” And I think those tones tend to make a stronger, more profound statement when they don’t cover a whole room. One wall or a nook in the dining room, like the PPG photo below: elegance that doesn’t overwhelm.

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Not sure how to find the right spot? Think about how a dark color, set off against lighter tones, will feel like it recedes, so it can actually make the space feel larger. Choose a longer wall to maximize that effect.

And when you’re choosing specific paints, with a big color like this: gloss would take it a step too far. Matte all the way.

Complement, contrast and balance

All-bright and all-dark rooms can work sometimes. But I (and I'd say most other home-design lovers) tend to skew toward balance. It’s a way of giving every part of your design, from the paint choices to the furniture to your accent pieces, their own visual space.

Your dining room with light oak floors can probably stand up to a green jewel tone on a wall. Your brass and bronze fixtures and furnishings will pop off the deep hues. Your white marble countertops will match the elegance and balance the depth. Those bits of contrast and complementing tones will keep your space from feeling muddled.

For companion colors, PPG suggests soft white, warm beige, the occasional dusty plum. Contrast and complement.

What’s your take? Are you on board with deep jewel tones like Night Watch, or is this trend toward stronger, bolder colors leaving you feeling walled in? I'd love to hear your feedback.

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