Nashville Furniture Store Royal Circus Set To Open In Wedgewood Houston

Dated: 08/01/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Best way to describe Royal Circus? Imagine if Wes Anderson + Tim Burton decided to open a furniture store together.” 

Well, Royal Circus, you had me at hello.

I’ve been working in real estate in Nashville for 15 years, so I’ve amassed a pretty solid collection of go-to furniture spots here, to serve my professional needs and personal home-design obsession. Affordable furniture in Nashville, midcentury furniture in Nashville, upscale and handmade/locally made Nashville furniture — collect ‘em all.

But I’m forever on the lookout for new favorites, and when I got wind of new “Furnishings & Curiosities” shop Royal Circus — prepping for its grand opening this summer in Nashville neighborhood Wedgewood-Houston — I felt like it was pretty likely a new favorite was about to join the list.

What to expect from Royal Circus

The owners have been sharing their progress via social media and on the Royal Circus blog since announcing the flagship Nashville shop in March, and I (and a lot of other home decor-obsessed friends) have been pretty rapt.

It’s not just because they reference mesmerizingly weird directors as kindred spirits, but also because their foundational approach to choosing and stocking pieces is rooted in uniqueness, and lasting quality.

“From modern artifacts that clearly exude the unmistakable charm of handmade individuality, to timeworn 19th-century antiques sourced from Tibet and beyond, this is furniture worth hanging onto for the long haul,” founder and president Michael Dukes wrote at Speaking my language.

Over the past few months, the team has, as their Instagram feed attests, been busy sourcing and hauling all kinds of furniture and decor pieces to stock before opening day — from hand-painted 19th-century Tibetan benches to midcentury-inspired leather chairs and fully restored, vintage Hollywood stage lights.

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“We’re talking solid, hand-welded iron and steel. Real hardwoods vs. engineered wood products. Rivets. Hand-stitched leather,” the Royal Circus Instagram says of their preferred picks. Again, language: speaking it.

Dukes told the Nashville Post that antiques will likely comprise about 15 percent of the Royal Circus inventory, and beyond, they’ll be stocking “items that evoke the best qualities of antiques,” either created specifically for their shop by global makers, or brought in from custom companies including North Carolina’s COCOCO (which specializes in handcrafted Chesterfield sofas).

The team hasn’t yet announced a firm grand-opening date for Royal Circus, at 438 Houston St. But now that they have front doors and signage in place (see up top), it can’t be long now. Sign up for the Royal Circus email list to keep tabs on the opening announcement, and drop by to learn more about the shop’s “furnishings and curiosities for those who prefer traveling off the beaten path.”

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