Fun Ways To Pull The Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2019 Into Your Nashville Home

Dated: 08/22/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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As a person who loves home decor, I have one main piece of advice to give when it comes to choosing paint colors for your Nashville home: Skip trends, and do what you love.

As a Realtor, I might have slightly different advice, particularly if you’re planning on selling your home in Nashville sometime soon.

In most cases — and to appeal to the largest swath of homebuyers — I’d say to lean toward neutrals that still feel like your taste. But paint-color trend prognosticators can still be helpful. Sometimes looking at current/upcoming trends, and pulling in of-the-moment colors for pops of brightness, or intrigue, or drama, can be really smart, and can help your Nashville home listing stand out from the others.

This is all meant to lead into something specific: I’ve been perusing Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix Color Forecast 2019, and it's definitely giving me some fresh color inspiration.

They’ve offered six different color “personalities,” with 42 different colors woven in, and whatever mood you’re thinking about bringing in — elegance, boho fun, bright sophistication — there’s a color/palette that hits the sweet spot. Naturally, I wanted to share with my Nashville homeowner/potential home-seller friends, in case you’re in need of a little inspiration too.

Click the image up top, or head to the Sherwin-Williams website, for a full rundown of their 2019 color trend predictions.

Below, a few specific favorites I picked out, with contexts that I think carry over to Nashville homes perfectly.


Charcoal Blue from the “Aficionado” palette

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A full 100 percent on board with the drama this deep blue (SW 2739) brings to a space, and the example here gives a master class on how to make dark and drastic wall colors work. Key things: They work especially well in a space with a good amount of natural light; and it’ll pair best if you have furniture pieces that contrast the deep tones with a little bit of warmth and levity. Midcentury furniture pieces in lighter wood tones remain huge in Nashville, so I’d bet a lot of you will have furnishings that’ll pair perfect with this Charcoal Blue.


Oceanside from the “Enthusiast” palette

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For their “Enthusiast” palette, Sherwin-Williams was going for “More is More”/“Crazy Chaos” vibes. And I’m all for going all out if that gets you inspired. But putting my Realtor hat on, I think there are ways to bring playful, bohemian energy into your space without limiting its appeal to buyers who want bazaar/bizarre energy. Like, say, bringing “Oceanside” into a master bedroom, as above. I think it feels cool and interesting, but not overdone. I find it challenging to source colors in the teal family that don’t veer toward corny, too, so this one (SW 6496) really stands out as energetic, but still dignified. 


Primavera, from the “Naturalist” palette

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Taking influence from nature, in Tennessee, feels like a given — we live in a verdant wonderland, and when we’re updating our homes, why not pull inspiration from the property that home sits on? That’s the general vibe of Sherwin-Williams’ “Naturalist” palette, stocked with pops of flower-petal pink set off with subdued mushroom brown. I love their Primavera green (SW 9031) for the way it evokes the young leaves of spring, and to me, that makes for a perfect front door color. A lively and eye-grabbing, but still gentle, hello.

Explore more ideas here, and please share what strikes you — I love to see what other home design-obsessed Nashvillians get drawn to.

Are you thinking about doing some updates to your Nashville home before putting it on the market? Need some direction to help you get the best return for your dollars/sweat equity? I’d love to help. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell us what your plans are.

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