Nashville Tacos To Suit Any Mood On National Taco Day

Dated: 10/01/2018

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By TJ Anderson

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The internet happened to mention that National Taco Day, a fine made-up holiday if there ever was one, comes this week, on Thursday, Oct. 4.

Nashville is a pretty decent city to celebrate this particular day in, too — might’ve taken us a while, but our taco game in 2018 is strong, and that’s true whether you want a simple, no-fuss taco or something more fancy and Instagrammable.

Not sure where you want to spend your Taco Day dollar in Nashville yet? Happy to add a little inspiration. I picked out my favorite Nashville tacos of various stripes, from restaurants spanning from East Nashville to West Nashville and Woodbine to Germantown.

Where to go in Nashville if you want:

Veggie tacos

Mas Tacos Por Favor

732 Mcferrin Ave

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Having spent a good chunk of time now eating vegetarian and vegan, I feel (sadly) confident saying that non-meat-eaters get short shrift at a lot of taco spots. East Nashville fixture Mas Tacos, though, never leaves me disappointed — their fried avocado tacos are hefty, filling and full of big flavor, with fresh cabbage that adds bite. The sweet potato and quinoa option is pretty killer on the fall flavors. (People don’t tend to complain about Mas Tacos' meat options, either.)

Fish tacos

Taqueria del Sol 

2317 12th Ave. S. and 4500 Charlotte Ave.

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This small chain, with two Nashville locations, keeps it relatively simple, but effective. And their nicely done fish tacos are a fine example of the benefits of that approach: fresh tilapia with corn masa, deep fried, nice and crispy, with pickled jalapeños for a bracing bite.

Upscale tacos


202 21st Ave. S.

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Newer Midtown Nashville addition Nada isn’t over-the-top upscale, but the small chain does their thing in a “punched-up” way, with taco concoctions that’ll catch the attention of the more food-nerdy among us. Unexpected options include a caramelized cauliflower taco with confit garlic goat cheese, cotija cheese, marcona almonds and fresno peppers. (If Mas Tacos’ vegetarian options don’t do it for you, Nada has a bunch of other interesting meat-free tacos too.)

No-fuss authentic tacos

El Jaliciense

3225 Gallatin Rd.

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La Hacienda is a (deserved) standby for a lot of Nashvillians when it comes to unfussy, authentic tacos. Can’t go wrong there. But an East Nashville option that tends to get my simple-tacos vote: El Jaliciense in Inglewood, which is always fresh, good, and perfect for when you don’t want to overthink the humble and delicious taco.

Very American tacos


908 Main St., 2706 12 Ave. S. and 4500 Murphy Rd.

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It might seem a little counter-intuitive to send people who are having taco cravings to a BBQ joint. But Edley’s, which has multiple locations across Nashville, really makes an excellent taco, even if it’s of a particularly American bent. Their pork barbecue tacos, with fried onion straws and bbq sauce, are a nice, less-bready break from barbecue sandwiches. But definitely try the brisket tacos with white sauce and fried jalapeños, if you can catch them before the brisket sells out.

Food-truck tacos

That Awesome Taco Truck

All around Nashville

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On the Nashville food truck landscape, the taco truck is the OG, which makes sense, since tacos are a perfect on-the-run street food. In 2018, the best street-side tacos in Nashville are coming from former Lockeland Table sous chef Danny Bua’s That Awesome Taco Truck. Bua adds a fine-dining twist, but still keeps the core of his approach familiar. The chicken taco with crispy pork skins and kale alone makes the truck deserve its name.

Have some National Taco Day picks you’d add in? I’d love to hear your favorites.

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