Pumpkin Carving Patterns And Inspiration For Nashville Neighbors

Dated: 10/05/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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When you have a little one in your Nashville home, the idea of skipping the pumpkin carving around this time of year is a little bit… nope. Luckily, I enjoy the process — it’s a little silly, a little creative and harks back to my own childhood, plus it’s a good way to dress up the house for fall.

If you aren’t feeling too jack-o-lantern inspired this year, though, let me offer a suggestion: Up your pumpkin game a little. Create a jack-o-lantern that reflects something you’re interested in, makes you laugh, or amplifies your fall home-decor vibes in a more exciting way than usual.

This is easier than it sounds — the internet is full of free pumpkin stencils and patterns, and genuinely, if you can think of it, it probably exists. (Seriously… you can carve a Britney Spears pumpkin if you really want to.) A little Googling, a little downloading, a printer and some tape, and you’re good to go.

Need some specific inspiration? Here are a few Nashville-centric (and/or potentially fun) options that popped into my head for Halloween-season pumpkin fun in fall 2018:

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Nashville Predators pumpkin stencil

The season just kicked off, so I have my mind on hockey and hockey on my mind. And the NHL abides for Halloween — they have pumpkin stencils with the Preds logo, “Smashville” and more. Grab your Nashville Predators pumpkin stencils here.

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Nashville Sounds pumpkin stencil

Hey, Nashville was named the Best Minor League Baseball Town in America in 2018… so I’d guess we have some Sounds fans. Download your Nashville Sounds pumpkin stencil here

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Tennessee Vols pumpkin stencil

Sigh. I still love ‘em. Download a free Tennessee Vols logo pumpkin stencil here.

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Tennessee Titans pumpkin stencil

Didn’t want to leave the Titans fans out. Download a Tennessee Titans pumpkin stencil here.

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Game of Thrones pumpkin stencils

We’ve nearly made it through a Game of Thrones-less year. Give yourself a round of applause, and carve your favorite House sigil into a pumpkin. And bend the knee to me, Father of Doodles. Download Game of Thrones pumpkin stencils here.

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Faux Bois Pumpkin

Love me some wood grain. To be fair, this one’s a little more complicated than a stencil, with templates and pointed direction, via the queen of crafts, Martha Stewart. But it’ll let you get a little more personal and creative, and I think it’ll make a fall Nashville porch extra cool. Get the Faux Bois Pumpkin templates and directions here

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Lace-Patterned Pumpkins

Sorry, more Martha. Her people are kinda good at this stuff. This is probably skill level: expert. But if you’re legitimately trying to turn your pumpkin-carving adventure into a home-decor project, you’d definitely do worse than these intricate, completely cool-looking pumpkins. Grab the Lace-Patterned Pumpkins how-to here.

What are you leaning toward for your jack-o-lantern creativity this year? Any particularly fun ideas/templates you can share? Drop suggestions here or on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page.

If you’re all set on the pumpkin-carving front, but you could use a new porch to plant your festive decor on this fall, I’d love to help. Check out some homes for sale in Nashville now, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes to get your househunting process started.

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