Celebrate Pups And Pints At Richland Park In Nashville

Dated: 10/10/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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This month we marked two years since we brought home our rescue pup, Lucy Palmer. In October, I celebrate our rescue dog; all months, I celebrate pet rescue in general.

If you’re thinking about rescuing a dog from MACC in Nashville, I have a standing offer to sponsor your adoption just reach out and tell me about your plans.

Related, since we’re on the subject of dogs — my favorite subject, next to Nashville real estate: This weekend, Richland Park hosts the first Pups and Pints, a free event meant to give Nashvillians an opportunity to spend a day out with their furry family members.

It’s set to run Saturday, Oct. 13 from 2 to 6 p.m., right on the west side of Nashville at 4711 Charlotte Ave.

Whats up at Pups and Pints

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On the pups front, at Pups and Pints: You’re invited to bring your dog to the fest, let him or her off leash in a mini dog park, take some snapshots in the pet photo booth, and do a little shopping at an onsite “bark market.”

Of particular interest, I think: The  Nashville Humane Association will be there too, ready to help you with adding a pet to your family and household.

On the pints front: Organizers are setting up a craft beer garden, with pints from Goose Island, Wicked Weed, Elysian Brewing and others. Did you know some companies make “beer” for dogs too? 'Course they do. Naturally, there’ll be some tastings. (It has no alcohol, and apparently tastes either “beefy” or “porky,” at least judging by the labels.)

If beer’s not your thing, Bulleit cocktails will be at the bar (probably and hopefully not in pint glasses).

To soak all that up, food trucks (including That Awesome Taco Truck and Daddy’s Dogs) are scheduled to be at Richland Park for the event, too.

There’s lots more — face painting for the kids, “Arfs & Crafts” for you and your pups… dog-related entertainment is set to be plentiful.

Admission is free — you’ll just need cash for shopping/drinking/eating.

Swing by pupsandpints.com for more about the event.

And if your day at Richland Park happens to make you fall hopelessly in love with the area, let me know if I can help you make it permanent(ish). Check out some homes for sale in Historic Richland/West End/Sylvan Park here, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes to get started househunting in Nashville.

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