Adopt A Senior Pet Month Is A Great Time To Bring A New Best Friend Into Your Life

Dated: 11/02/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Have I mentioned recently that I have a standing offer to sponsor MACC dog adoptions for any of my Nashville neighbors? Just reach out and tell me about your plans, and I’ll cover the fees. Shelter dogs have my heart, and I’m proud to help more families and shelter pets come together.

This month, though, you won’t need my help if you’re interested in adopting a senior pet. November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, and to mark it, Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control is waiving adoption fees for all dogs (and cats) 7 and older.

Puppies tend to get all the attention — a PetFinder survey showed that older dogs can end up waiting as much as four times as long to get adopted. But there are a lot of reasons why a senior dog can be not just a good choice, but the best choice for your family. Just a few:

They’re almost always already trained

I love puppies, but when you adopt one, you have to accept a certain amount of chaos and a whole lot of work. Teaching them to go outside, not jump on visitors, not use your dining table legs as chew toys — it takes time and work. With senior dogs, on the other hand, almost invariably, someone’s already showed them the ropes.

That said, to dispel a cliche: Old dogs can learn new tricks. Dogs in general are eager to learn and to please their people, and you can introduce an old dog to the rules of your household just as easily as a young dog. You’ll just get to skip the 3 a.m. potty breaks.

You’ll likely already know about their medical and behavior issues

All pets have some issues you’ll have to contend with, whether they’re medical or behavioral. With younger dogs, those can be a mystery — hip dysplasia, eye problems, respiratory problems and a host of other issues can be common with certain breeds, and you may or may not come across them. With older dogs, though, issues have usually made themselves known, so you’ll likely be aware of what you’re dealing with, if anything, on the front end.

Another cliche dispelled: Older dogs aren’t across the board more expensive to care for than younger dogs. In a dog’s golden years, medical issues can pop up, but anyone who’s lived with a dog knows that medical issues pop up throughout a dog’s life.

They’re down to chill

If you're at a point in your life where you’re not afraid to take a load off, a senior pet might be the perfect partner. Senior dogs still want and need activity and exercise, but they don’t require quite the same amount of stimulation. Like to spend a good few nights binge-watching? A senior dog is down to chill. If you’re uber-active, a younger dog may be a better match. But if you like a balance of doing stuff and down time, you and a senior dog might click perfectly.

Meet your new best friend

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NATE: ID#A220179, Labrador Retriever mix

Think Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month might be the right time to welcome a new pup into your Nashville home? Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control is open every day at 5125 Harding Place, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Check out some of the pets up for adoption at Metro Animal Care and Control on PetHarbor, including Nate, above.

If a senior pet isn’t quite the right fit, but you need help with the adoption fees, I’m here to help! Just reach out and fill me in.

If I can help with finding a new home in Nashville for you and your pup, please reach out about that too! For a start, check out some homes for sale in Nashville here.

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