Gingerbread Houses With Style That Suits A Nashville Homeowner Or Homebuyer

Dated: 11/26/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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There are a lot of reasons I joined the ranks of Nashville Realtors, but first among them: I love homes. Architecture, interior design, construction — it’s all up my alley, and I feel thankful to get to focus my career in an industry that I love, while helping people find the homes they can write their stories and raise their families in.

So, obviously, when the subject of maybe doing some gingerbread house building came up around our house, I didn’t feel drawn to just any old gingerbread build. If we’re going to take on a gingerbread project, I’d like the house to have some character — a few fun architectural details, and some real style.

You can go thoroughly nuts with gingerbread construction, and people surely do, to impressive ends. There’s even a book or three devoted entirely to high-end gingerbread architecture.

While I want something cool in our gingerbread neighborhood, though, I’ll admit that we’re gingerbread construction newbies. So I’m going to focus a little more toward my family’s camp: the average gingerbread builder, with an average amount of time and skill to devote to creating a Christmas gingerbread landscape in 2018.

Looking for a fun gingerbread house project to take on this year too? Below, a few of the DIY projects I’m thinking about, all of which reflect types of homes you’ll see for sale in Nashville (just smaller, sweeter… and definitely a little cheaper).

Gingerbread Victorian house

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They don’t call it gingerbread trim for nothing. You can go particularly (and impressively) overboard if you want your gingerbread house to have a Victorian slant. But if you’re on a more entry-level… level, HGTV has a cool-looking but approachable gingerbread Victorian to try out, with step-by-step instructions, a template and recipes. Gingerbread Victorian House how-to directions at

Midcentury Modern Gingerbread House

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Down to the brightly colored front door. I love a midcentury-modern home — and I love househunting in Nashville neighborhoods that are flush with them, like Crieve Hall. Have a similar appreciation? Why not work your MCM love into your holiday festivities? Midcentury Modern Gingerbread House how-to directions at

Gingerbread log cabin

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Rustic homes are definitely high on my lis toot, so I’m always stoked when a client comes looking for a log home for sale in or around Nashville. So, this gingerbread log cabin naturally grabbed my attention — pretzel rods as rough-hewn logs is a totally obvious but still inspired (and likely delicious, what with the salty/sweet) choice. Gingerbread Log Cabin how-to directions at

Gingerbread tall-and-skinny

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Technically, this is a Gingerbread brownstone, designed after classic big-city row homes. But hey, it’s tall, skinny, and a bringer of much-needed housing density to your Christmas decor. This DIY is not for the faint-of-skills, but the blogger behind Kitchen Table Scraps offers a step by step to help you take it on. Gingerbread Brownstone how-to directions at Instructables.

Gingerbread farm

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For those of us who embrace the rural life. Gingerbread Farm how-to directions from Better Homes & Gardens

Gingerbread tiny house

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The tiny house revolution even makes its way to gingerbread. I’ll admit that I’m not dainty-handed enough to take on making these tiny gingerbread houses, made to sit on the edge of your cocoa mug. But they’re cute, and I’d be more than happy to eat a few. Gingerbread Tiny House how-to directions at Makezine.

Have a favorite gingerbread house DIY you can share? I’d love to see more ideas.

If you’re about to start looking for a non-gingerbread house in Nashville, I’d love to help there too. Check out some homes for sale in Nashville, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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