Hang Your Guitars On Your Nashville Walls With A Little More Style

Dated: 11/30/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Working in Nashville real estate for as long as I have, I’ve worked with a couple three guitarists. You run into those occasionally.

Funny thing about guitarists and their homes, though: While guitars are by and large beautiful things to display, the hardware used to display them — wall-mounted hook mounts, usually — are famously ugly.

Sure, it’s just a means to an end, and a small part of what draws the eye. And ultimately, they’re mostly utilitarian — some guitarists specifically hang guitars in a space for the aesthetics, but most do it just to their instruments close at hand, or sometimes to have enough room to keep them all, between racks and stands and cases.

I’m a stickler for small details — cabinet hardware, tile grout and door knobs are the kinds of things that get my mind turning. So I’ve been keeping my eyes open for solutions to the ugly-guitar-fixtures problem. And I’ve found a few solutions that I think look almost as good as the guitars you’ll place on them.

Looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasant to display your prized instruments? Or have a guitarist in your life who’s earned a good-lookin’ Christmas present? Take a look at these:

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onefortythree guitar hooks

If you love minimalist design, or Scandinavian design, or midcentury design, these molded plywood guitar hooks from Nevada company onefortythree might grab you. They’re available in several wood finishes (including walnut, teak and cherry) and with soft leather or wool grips in a mix of colors. Handy spot to store picks, too.

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Echo Hill Forge guitar hanger

If you’re working with a modern-farmhouse decor, it’ll be tough to beat this hand-bent steel hanger finished with custom-fitted and stitched leather sleeves, in your choice of chestnut, brown, black or gray.

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Bulldog Aluminum wall hanger

In an industrial-leaning space, this European design would sit nicely — it’s available in gold, black or natural aluminum, with customizable felt colors to fit your decor or your guitar.

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Things for Strings triangle wall hanger

When you need something with a unique/personal touch, handmade marketplace Etsy is always a good place to look. And several makers deliver on the guitar-mount front. This one has a hand-etched wood design, and hand-forged steel hook. And it’s not super pricey, at about $40.

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Hyla guitar wall hanger

Another Etsy score, with leather-covered, brass-capped prongs and a simple circular base, in a choice of several woods, including natural walnut and Douglas Fir.


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LogosWoodworks guitar hanger

This Florida Etsy maker crafts guitar hangers that’ll definitely appeal to fans of Nashville design studio 1767 — similarly creative and angular wood art adorns the base. And there are lots of options, from more natural wood and white patterns to bright colors with wild angles. Definitely a way to take this from a utilitarian tool to a piece of wall art. 

Hope these offer a little décor inspiration. Related, are you a Nashville musician looking for a new Nashville home that suits your needs and lifestyle? Please let me know if I can help you track down the right place. Take a look at some Nashville homes for sale here, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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