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Dated: 05/10/2019

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by TJ Anderson

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OK, to get it out of the way: You can’t really buy a house in Nashville on Amazon, exactly. Dwellings — at least ones you can actually dwell in — are a little more complicated than two-day shipping and a big (really big?) cardboard box.

But a recent House Beautiful post about a “DIY Backyard Guest House” available on Amazon, purportedly ready to go with just an eight-hour assembly, sent me into a fairly entertaining buying-a-building-on-Amazon hole.

The option House Beautiful tipped to is appealing, as guest house options go. At 172 square feet, you’re not stuffing a family into the Allwood Solvalla garden house kit (pictured above, via Amazon), but you could definitely get some home-office, art-studio or songwriting-space energy happening here in Nashville, with its cozy, window-walled interior space and covered porch. Kit price, not including running electricity and a foundation and all that quite-necessary stuff: $7,250. Comparable bargain, still.

Oh, but thanks a lot, House Beautiful — Allwood’s cool kit is out of stock, with no indication of when we’ll be able to buy this attractive man cave/she shed/hermit hideaway again. I’m as furious as you are. Still, it’s fascinating to see, in the modern age, just how many visually appealing, comparatively affordable outbuildings can be procured from the same place you buy your soap refills and big bags of socks.

Below, a few of the little house/cabin kits that just caught my House Beautiful-piqued attention, all listed through the mammoth retailer that’ll soon be our neighbors in Nashville, mostly produced by the Allwood company. I’m probably more inclined toward sticking with stick-built structures (especially since I know some incredible builders in Nashville). But the DIY kit options available now are fun to window-shop, if homes (and home construction) are an interest for you too.

Allwood Halmstad Studio

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The same folks who make the Solvalla that we can’t have (as of this posting) construct a smaller, but still attractively modern 106-square foot “guest house.” Assembly time for this one is estimated at eight hours, too, with, the manufacturer says, “minimal tools.” The kit includes all the hardware needed, outside of roof singles and foundation materials, and the structure’s mainly made of Nordic spruce wood. Price: $5,490.

Allwood Sommersby

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Solvalla who? This cabin’s the same size as the initial inspiration kit, listed for a little more: $8,360. But here, the covered porch space is interior space, with double doors and an almost midcentury modern-style charm.

Allwood Arlanda XL

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Living in a modern Nashville home, and prefer your outbuilding keep the aesthetic going? This 227-square-foot house kit shoots for “contemporary urban” vibes, with clean lines and lots of sunlight streaming in. Price: $9,790.

Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit

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Buying a full-on house on Amazon really isn’t that far from the truth. This 540-square-foot cabin has a 218-square-foot sleeping loft, and lots of bed/bath/kitchen space setup possibilities. With its larger footprint, it’s supposed to take about a week for two adults to assemble. Price: $33,990.

Expandable container house With Solar Energy

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You’re not getting your free Prime shipping with this one (it’s $1,000 to transport), but there are some significant points of interest here — particularly, the solar power system that’s already in the design. The manufacturer says the 20-to-40-foot, galvanized steel-based building just needs a simple concrete block foundation, and that “installation” is in and out in about two hours. Price: $24,800.

What do you think — could you see yourself buying an outbuilding for your Nashville home on Amazon, or do you prefer to have a contractor construct your extra space on-site? I’d love to hear if you’re as intrigued by these kinds of online offerings as I am.

Looking for a home in Nashville that can’t be delivered by UPS, and is already on a foundation, and on some dirt in your favorite Music City neighborhood? I’d love to help you find it. Check out some homes for sale in Nashville here, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes to get started.

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