Creative Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Nashville Yard

Dated: 05/31/2019

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by TJ Anderson

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To be 100 percent honest, if someone wanted to really eliminate the presence of mosquitoes at their home in Nashville, they’d have to… take a very long nap and dream it, because it’s about as likely as avoiding a sidewalk scooter in the summer of 2019.

You can, however, take on a few creative projects that may make your Nashville home less attractive to the tenacious, hurtful, hateful insects. Some of them are even aesthetically pleasant, and a little fun.

You likely know the old standbys — making sure there isn’t any standing water around your property, keeping your gutters clean (that standing water thing), and checking your screens for holes so the bugs don't follow you in. But these other anti-mosquito options might surprise you... and it least in one case, make you question whether you'd rather just let the mosquitoes hang out after all.

Creative ways to repel mosquitoes from your Nashville home

Plant a garden that tells mosquitoes to buzz off

Think about those neighbors you had whose constant 2 a.m. parties made you feel desperate to buy a new home in Nashville. (Just, you know, hypothetically speaking.) Certain flowers are 2 a.m. neighbors to Nashville mosquitoes 

Take a fresh look at your garden bed, and think about adding mosquito-repelling plantlife — lavender, marigolds, lemon balm and rosemary are among the nice-looking, hardy plants that mosquitoes are said to hate. Some can even help with dinner, too.

Fight bugs with better bugs

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Lots of longtime Nashville homeowners will tell you to embrace the spiders around your property, since they’re devouring some of the even less pleasant critters. Same goes for dragonflies. Beyond leaving those winged friends be, you’d do well to actually put some energy into attracting them — adult dragonflies can eat as many as 100 mosquitoes a day, and dragonfly larvae are even hungrier. 

Next Nashville landscaping adventure you go on, you might consider planting a few varieties that give dragonflies a welcome mat — like Black-eyed Susans and swamp milkweed, which are both prettier than they sound.

Install a porch fan

Feeling like you can’t use your covered porch in the summer months because a) you turn into slow-roasted barbecue and b) you get savagely attacked by mosquitoes? Double help, in the form of a fan.

While strongly evil, mosquitoes aren’t very strong fliers, so fans have been shown to shoo them fairly effectively. Fast fan blades can also push away some of the chemicals that attract mosquitoes, like the carbon dioxide we emit.

A fan’s not going to totally solve your mosquito problems, but it’ll make the porch more palatable, and make it look nicer, too.

Build a new house… for bats

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Like dragonflies, bats are voracious mosquito eaters. Says Good Housekeeping: “An ordinary colony of 75 bats can devour up to 75,000 insects in just 60 minutes.” Bring on the bats!

A key way to welcome some winged, mosquito-eating friends: Build them a house. Bat houses are relatively simple to make and to buy, and most are as aesthetically pleasant as bird houses, if not more so. Here’s a bat house DIY project from the National Wildlife Federation, and a bunch more bat house how-tos. Or you could just buy one for about $30.

Put down that beer

Well, that’s a downer. Oddly enough, studies have shown that drinkers attract more mosquitoes. Studies didn’t conclusively show why that’s the case… maybe the bugs are looking for a second-hand buzz. Whatever the reason, bites “significantly increased after beer ingestion,” so, bear it in mind during cookout and outdoor-cocktails season.

Hope some of these ideas are helpful this summer in Nashville. If you’re about to start looking for a new home in Nashville to make inhospitable to mosquitoes, I’d love to help you find it. Check out some homes for sale in Nashville here, and call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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