Buy A Midcentury Modern Home In Nashville That Makes Your Sniffles More Stylish

Dated: 06/13/2019

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by TJ Anderson

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I’m a big proponent of starting small while you build up to big goals. Starter homes that help you build up equity. Simple DIY projects with an eye on the major renovation. 

Maybe one of the Porsches at the bottom, below, to build inspiration while you work toward the big one above it. 

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Or, maybe while you’re scheming and dreaming toward owning a picture-perfect midcentury modern home in Nashville, you buy a tissue box.

Hear me out on this one. I just can’t resist an architecturally inspired gift, so when the Internet delivered news of these original tissue box covers, designed by Destination PSP to mimic iconic midcentury-modern homes, I had to share.

The stylish little home-decor pieces (double emphasis on the “home”) don’t come cheap — you’ll be dropping $75 to hide and stylize your Kleenex boxes. But if you’re an MCM devotee, or you know someone who is (and your desire to buy them a house is overshadowed by your ability to buy them a house), there’s a lot of shopping fun to be had.

Personal favorite: the butterfly roof design below, replete with telltale starburst door detail.

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The original Palm Springs Wedge house design up at the top of this post is a little simpler, and has just as much midcentury flair. 

The brand has lots of other educational stuff to suit your midcentury-modern interest, including books about concrete screen block patterns, along with midcentury-modern home goods galore, from pitch-perfect MCM design ice buckets to bold placemats that’ll pop under your vintage dishware. But it’s those tiny midcentury homes built to hold your tissues that really grabbed my imagination.

Midcentury modern in Nashville

We do have plenty of life-sized midcentury modern homes here in Nashville — Inglewood and Rosebank in East Nashville, Donelson, and Crieve Hall are particularly hot pockets for midcentury homes in Nashville proper. Occasionally, we even find midcentury homes on the market in and near Nashville that step outside the standard brick-ranch style to offer more of the desert dynamism that so many MCM-architecture devotees are drawn to. But they can be tough to find, and landing one often requires patience and either a healthy budget or a willingness to put in some work.

To illustrate the point:

{mls: 2032370}

5815 Still Hollow Rd

Nashville, TN 37215


Stunning and sprawling mid-‘60s home designed by Nashville architect Mitch Hodge, and inspired by California-centric MCM architecture. The property has been fully renovated, but the midcentury vibes are intact.

{mls: 2045343}

6028 Sherwood Dr

Nashville, TN 37215


This sweet 1960 ranch retreat in Forest Hills has lots of great midcentury details, including original bathroom tile.

If owning a midcentury home in Nashville is on your (melamine) bucket list: Please, put me on the hunt for the real thing, and in the meantime, you might try one of these hamster-sized midcentury homes above. Check out some homes for sale in Nashville here, and contact TJ Anderson Homes here.

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Buy A Midcentury Modern Home In Nashville That Makes Your Sniffles More Stylish

by TJ AndersonPhoto: DestinationPSP.comI’m a big proponent of starting small while you build up to big goals. Starter homes that help you build up equity. Simple DIY projects with an eye on the

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