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4 Food Tours From Nashville To Franklin

Dated: 10/14/2014

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by TJ Anderson

You really can’t over-praise the growth that’s happened in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee food scene in recent years, and when we have buyers coming here from other cities, it’s routinely a big point of excitement about their new home. I always try to share favorites and advice and point newcomers toward some of the many great places our area has to offer, but for folks who are really trying to pack in a lot of local-food knowledge (and a lot of tastes) in a short time, food tours might be the key.

We already have a few cool local food and drink tour options to choose from, and that landscape is broadening — just this month, the new Walk Eat Nashville walking tour launched in East Nashville.

If you’re looking to test out the Middle Tennessee food scene, or want to point someone toward a great way to do so, here are a few tasty tour options:

Nashville Brew Bus

Can’t hurt to start with the beverages, right? Rhizome Productions — the folks behind many well-loved drinks fests like the 12 South Winter Warmer and East Nashville Beer Festival — launched this rolling tour, which brings you to a mix of Nashville breweries (from Yazoo in The Gulch to Fat Bottom in East Nashville), bars and growler-fill stations. Over 4 1/2 hours, you’ll hit at least three breweries and a bar (with lots of tastings along the way) and wrap up with a craft beer community meet up. There are lots of add-on options too, from meals to more beer. Get more info and/or book a tour at the Nashville Brew Bus website.

Walk Eat Nashville

A brand new addition to the Nashville food tour world, Walk Eat Nashville offers a just-under-three-hour tour of East Nashville flavors, with stops at six restaurants/artisan food producers with tastings, plus in-depth info from chefs or makers and lots of detail on the historic and growing neighborhood you’re touring. Tours run Thursdays and Fridays — for more info or to book, visit the Walk Eat Nashville website.

Music City Bites & Sites Nashville Historic District Food and Cultural Tour

This one’s particularly great for visitors who want to spend some time exploring downtown Nashville and who’d like a closer look into Nashville history. Over three hours, you’ll explore (and taste food from) a mix of downtown eateries, from Southern fare to more exotic flavors and some stuff for your sweet teeth. Tours run Thursday through Saturday mornings — for more info or to schedule a tour, visit the Music City Bites & Sites website.

Franklin on Foot Southern Style Food Tours

You’d be remiss to overlook Franklin when talking about local food growth — there are some incredible restaurants, both new and longstanding, in Williamson County. Franklin on Foot’s walking tour takes you to six different places serving up praise-worthy meals, from 55 South to the Franklin Mercantile Deli and Gray's on Main, and as you taste, you’ll learn about Franklin’s fascinating history and meet some of the chefs and restaurateurs helping to make Franklin more delicious. Tours usually run the third Saturday of each month (or upon request). For more info or to get in on a tour, visit the Franklin on Foot website.

Tell me: Are there local food tours I don’t know about yet that you really love? I’m always game to try new places.

If any of these tours make you fall in love with a particular neighborhood, I’d love to help you find the perfect home there. Drop me a line, and let’s talk about what you’re looking for.
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