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5 Paint Color Trends For 2014

Dated: 04/03/2014

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5 Paint Color Trends For 2014 

by T.J. Anderson

Gray Goes On. 
First off, gray will continue to reign supreme. I've seen this trend in spades in the flipped Nashville homes I'm showing to clients, which are generally painted gray from top to bottom (as opposed to the pinky-beige of a decade ago--or even stark white, which was more popular five years ago). 

This doesn't mean that our general love of gray won't shift a bit though. West coast color expert Kelly Berg explains: “We'll probably continue to see [grays] as a main 'neutral' in many homes. However, I think we may start to see more buttery yellows sneaking in, as a break-away to a color that many people simply find too gloomy. I like to think that these yellows will stream in like the sun after a long, cold storm. Not that I dislike grays--I just think it’s time to find a little more balance and optimism.

Pastels in Lieu of Neutrals. Says Nashville's own paint color consultant extraordinaire Kristie Barnett, "
In 2014, the trending super-neutrals have green, yellow, blue, or purple undertones. Gray-blues with a few drops of green are more complex and immensely liveable--much more so than the one-note powder blues of former decades. Gray-greens are more current than yesteryear’s browner greens, and are a great backdrop for darker greens and all shades of blue in a space ... Barely-purple grays like Sherwin-Williams' Destiny SW6274 pair beautifully with light and dark blues, even turquoise. Even though gray remains the neutral of the decade, indications are that people want to surround themselves with more hopeful and uplifting colors." Of course, purple (also known as "Radiant Orchid") was deemed the Pantone Color or the Year this year. 

Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director, Ellen O’Neill, backs up the pastel prediction, saying, “We’ve begun to see a shift away from gray to tints of blues, greens, lavenders, and pinks ... shifts to pastels without looking too ‘candy’ or ‘Easter egg’.”  

Trimmed Out. A trend that's gaining lots of traction, especially in offices and TV rooms, is to paint out trim (including built-in bookshelves) the same color as the wall, but in a different sheen. Traditionally the trim is done in a glossy oil paint while the wall gets a couple coats of flat latex. The effect is amazing. 

Jewel Tones. Think sapphire, amethyst, and emerald for 2014. Emerald was Pantone's Color of the Year last year, but is still making a splash. 

Paint Placement. Forget about your walls for a minute, and imagine a wash of color on your dining room ceiling, on the back of your bookshelves, or inside your kitchen cabinets. 
Which of these trends do you like best? Which paint color trends are you ready to see go?
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