5 Uniquely Nashville Halloween Costumes For 2015

Dated: 10/08/2015

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by TJ Anderson

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Halloween is only three-plus weeks away, so if you don’t already have your costume sorted, you’re running perilously short on time. Sure, you could always just grab something off a rack at a costume shop, but where’s the fun in that?

Trying to come up with something creative that’s also distinctly Nashville, and distinctly 2015? We did some thinking, and here are five costume ideas we came up with that fit the bill. Feel free to use them (but forgive us for any unintended eye rolls).

Doug the Pug 

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Nashville’s most famous four-legged star has been in TIME, he’s been on Good Morning America, he’s been snuggled by Steven Tyler and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. He’s probably more well-traveled than 90 percent of the American populace. We could all do worse than to be Doug the Pug. Snag a Pug Costume Accessory Kit, and further accessorize creatively. It’s what Doug would do.

Fightin’ Jack White and Patrick Carney

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According to the Internet, everything’s cool now, but also according to the Internet, two of Nashville’s most prominent rock talents — Jack White and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney — came into fall with some simmering beef. Have a friend who’d like to double up on a timely pop-culture co-costume? Snag a powder blue suit at a thrift store (or there’s always this), some chunky glasses, and to take it home: boxing gloves? 

Ozzie the retired Nashville Sounds mascot

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It was not without controversy when the Nashville Sounds introduced their new ballpark with a brand new mascot, Booster the Rooster, effectively putting longtime fan favorite Ozzie out to pasture. You could show Ozzie some love in a few different ways: a cougar costume plus a Sounds jersey plus a single, lonely painted-on tear; a cougar costume plus a Sounds jersey, holding a plush rooster head; a cougar costume plus a Sounds jersey plus a bathrobe and an unemployment-enjoying beer? 

The Google Fiber angel

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Few things got Nashvillians as excited this year as the news that Google Fiber was bringing superfast Internet to our town. And the generous folks at Google stoked that excitement further by offering Nashvillians a free “Fiber is coming” T-shirt (above). Throw on your Tennessee Google Fiber T, pop an angel halo on your head, and there you are: the long-awaited angel of Gigabit Internet speed and theoretically seamless Netflix binging. 

New Tennessee Logo Man (or Woman)

Image titleShort of going as big pharma CEO Martin Shkreli, you probably couldn’t pick a costume that represented more vehement dislike than the much-talked-about new Tennessee logo. Most complainers took issue with the very simple design’s price ($46,000, reportedly), and with the idea that it was meant to replace the beloved Tristar (it’s not, really). The good thing: It makes for a pretty easy costume. Slap a white “TN” on a red T-shirt, throw on some blue pants, and brace for impact. 

Have some other distinctly Nashville Halloween costume ideas to share? We’d love to see them — drop by our Facebook page and hit us with your thoughts!

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