6 Super Stylish Stereo Speakers For Your Nashville Home

Dated: 07/18/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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Around Record Store Day this year, I did a little shopping for stylish turntables. I totally grasp the importance of performance, but since I have a bit of a professional focus on home design, I can’t help but consider aesthetics with audio choices, too.

To follow up that turntable shopping, I decided to dig into speakers that are just as style-rooted, too, with a mix of options that stand on their own, and a few that’ll blend more, in case you want your sound system to be literally loud, but not figuratively loud.

Here, my picks for stylish stereo speakers, across a wide (and I mean wide) span of budgets and looks:

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Bossa Moonraker

Easily the coolest-looking hi-fi speakers I’ve come across in ages, with an elegant, handcrafted mid-century look. The speaker’s polymer shell is perched up on three wood legs, in either walnut, teak or white ash. Without a doubt, these’d be a focal point in your living room’s design, and a definite conversation piece. At $2399 a pair, they’re certainly not cheap, but hey: works of art that bring your records to life.

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Tivoli Audio ART speaker 

Unassuming 9-inch circles that can be hung on the wall or placed (via their stands) on a shelf or console, these little Tivoli Audio ART speakers put a cool twist on the standard speaker look. You have a few visual options, too: furniture-grade walnut wood/grey grill, black ash/black, white/grey. And they’re fairly inexpensive, at $249.99. I don’t know that these’ll do it for you if you’re an audio nerd. But if you’re looking for a way to seamlessly blend your sound system into your decor: not a bad option.

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StudioSync Floating Music Shelf

Even those little ART circles take up too much visual space for you? I haven’t seen any speaker option hide quite as thoroughly as these do — bluetooth speakers are encased in the floating shelf, so you wouldn’t even know there’s an audio device in the area until it started singing at you. It’s battery-operated and recharges with a USB cord, so no wires messing up the mystery. There are two lengths available — 31.5 inches and 35.4 inches — in either black or white, and they run $74.99. Maybe not an audiophile’s dream, but if you’re hoping to hide your system, odds are you’re more utilitarian than audio-obsessive.

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Urbanears Baggen and Stammen 

A square? Yeah, I know — it’s not the most far-reaching aesthetic concept. What I really like about the Urbanears Stammen and Baggen wireless speakers is the mix of simplicity and boldness. These simple blocks are totally fabric-wrapped, with six color options — simple black/indigo to bright orange and pink — with knobs in corresponding colors. Perfect for placing up on a shelf for a pop of bright color or letting your speakers sleekly blend into your entertainment console. The smaller 36W Stammen run $349, and bigger 60W Baggen are $449.

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Marshall Stanmore 

In a town overflowing with musicians, I don’t have to carry on about why a Marshall speaker that replicates its iconic amplifier aesthetic is attractive. The company has a bunch of options, and this Stanmore’s in the just-right middle area: relatively small in size, but, going by the reviews, packing enough punch to fill a whole house. Not surprising from Marshall. This one runs $350 (black and brown tolex are available too), but you can go smaller and bigger, with the same classic Marshall-amp look.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90  

When it comes to marrying high fidelity and high style, few companies match Bang & Olufsen. Good an argument as any: these remarkable BeoLab 90 speakers. Super cool looking, obviously, and customizable to suit your space (with five fabric colors, three different aluminum tones and light/dark wood types). The real draw of these things is in the performance, though — they're designed to react and adapt to your space and everything in it, to deliver an optimum listening experience, whatever the room, wherever you are. You can tweak it further, too, narrowing or widening the audio delivery to suit solo listening, whole-crew movie night or 360-degree party-hosting. I’ll admit, I haven’t experienced these in person. Reviews, however, say they deliver on those mammoth promises. Unsurprisingly, you don’t get sound and style like that for pennies. List price: About $85K a pair. So, you know, pretty nice down payment on a Nashville home.

Have cool-looking speakers that you’re obsessed with? I’d love some more ideas — hit the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page if you’d like to tip me to your picks.

And if you’re searching for a new home in the Nashville area to put your own style stamp on, I’d be thrilled to help you find it. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here.

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