A Look At Nashville And Nicaragua Based Furniture Brand Masaya And Company

Dated: 05/16/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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I buy as much random stuff as the next guy, but there are two things that tend to really make me a vocal advocate/purposeful consumer of a company or brand: being based here in Nashville, and being a company that builds doing good into its day-to-day operations. I like to support local artists, and I love when doing so supports people in need at the same time. 

I still have to admit, what usually draws me in first is having an attraction to the products themselves. On that note: See above.

Stumbling on furniture brand Masaya & Company checked off all the boxes on my list, and I think you’ll find as much to love as I do.

The local factor: Although the company’s roots are in Nicaragua (Masaya grew out of timber-farming/wood products sister company Maderas Sostenibles), it has two home bases, and two showrooms. The second is in Nashville. (The Nashville showroom, which opened in 2015 is at 1200 16th Ave South, in the Edgehill area.)

The giving-back factor: Masaya & Company launched with a focus on sustainability, and they put that into practice with a commitment to planting 100 trees for every purchased product. Buy a dining table and four chairs to go with: You’ve pretty much influenced the planting of half a small forest. Last year, that commitment resulted in the planting of 130,000 new trees. This year, they’re aiming for 200,000. To date, they’ve planted 350,000 trees, renewing deforested land, providing space for wildlife to thrive and literally helping people breathe easier.

All that is cool. But throw that all aside, and I’d still be feverishly Pinterest pinning these pieces, expertly hand-built with solid wood — no MDF/veneers — and inspired by classic, mid-century style.

If you’re redecorating your home, decorating a new home or starting a house hunt and mentally decorating your dream home, this might provide some helpful inspiration. Below, some of my favorite Masaya & Company furniture pieces.

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Segovia Live Edge Table


I love furniture pieces that meld sleek and clean lines with more natural, rugged looks, like this Segovia table, with a live-edge walnut slab top and slick, dark metal legs that ground it. This is the kind of heirloom piece your grandkids’ grandkids would still be bragging about.

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Xiloa Side Chairs


The spartan, mid-century-esque style of these Mahogany chairs really appeals to me, but they particularly get me on the details — those inlays, right?

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Modern Wood Desk


Elegant simplicity and details, details details — the box joints on the drawers, that sleek, angular design on the front of the desk… all handmade, and absolutely stunning.

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Sag Harbour TV console


I’ve been guilty of buying media furniture that was nothing more than a platform to hold the star of the show: the screen that provides me with Vols games. A piece like this, though… I might spend so much time staring at it that I’d ignore the TV.

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Abuelo Leather Lounge Chair 


I have no problem with a big, soft and cushion-y lounge chair. But aesthetically, I can’t help but love the Scandinavian-inspired simplicity of this piece, with soft, woven leather and a graceful recline. It’s clean without being lifeless, masculine but still warm, stylish without being showy. I think this piece would elevate any living room, or any reading nook in a master bedroom.

Are you as drawn in by this Nashville furniture brand as I am? Check out more of their work/shop online at the Masaya & Co. website

If there are other local/Nashville-connected home-goods brands you think I'd be crazy not to know about, please share!

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