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Creativity And Entrepreneurship Bloom In Nashville

Dated: 09/03/2014

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By TJ Anderson

Photo: Jim Davenport
The New York Times just spent a busy 36 Hours in Nashville, and after visiting spots across the city, from Barista Parlor in East Nashville to Imogene + Willie in 12 South, left with the impression that, “Music City is amped for a comeback, driven by local creativity, entrepreneurship and a D.I.Y. attitude.”

I can’t find much to argue with in all that praise, aside of maybe a “Don’t call it a comeback.”

Creative entrepreneurship in Nashville is definitely in bloom, and it’s easy to find local businesses doing cool stuff and making their work known well outside our city’s borders. Here are just a few homegrown brands that I like (there are many more — this is just a sliver).

Batch Nashville 

Maybe the easiest way to get acquainted with a lot of the great work being done/great products being created right here: Batch Nashville, which carefully collects, packages and delivered locally made goods to subscribers on a monthly basis. The kind of stuff you’ll get: spicy pickles made here in town by Southern Delights By Oakley, whiskey-flavored popcorn from Nashville’s Prohibition Popcorn and lots more. 


As a bearded person, I appreciate Beardition’s Nashville-made, all-natural beard and grooming products, which smell great (and not flowery) and contribute to a softer, better beard. 

New York to Nashville 

For those formal days when you want to look put-together but not stuffy — handmade pocket squares, suspenders and the like made in Nashville with reclaimed fabric.

Otis James 

To flesh out that formal day — Nashville’s Otis James designs and hand-crafts ties and caps and other wearables with impeccable detail and Southern style.

Imogene + Willie 

Carrie and Matt Eddmenson’s Nashville-bred company makes the kind of high-end denim that you can wear every day for a year only to have your jeans look better than they started.

Emil Erwin

Leather and canvas artist Emil Congdon designs and crafts bags and briefcases that look cool and are well-crafted enough to hand down to your kids.

Who are your favorite Nashville creative entrepreneurs, and what are your favorite local brands? Love to hear your thoughts.

If you’ve been thinking about relocating to Nashville and want some help finding the creative centers here, I’d be glad to help. Just reach out!
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