Decor And Design Experts Are Sweet On East Nashville Shop Lemon Laine

Dated: 09/06/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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New East Nashville natural beauty shop Lemon Laine only opened in May, but in the short time since, it feels like there’s been a nonstop flow of oohs and ahhs over the space’s decor, from publications here in Nashville like The Tennessean and Nfocus, on to major national outlets like Marie Claire.

Lifestyle/home decor mag Lonny recently listed Lemon Laine among “15 Beauty Stores That Are As Pretty As Their Products,” and in August, Refinery29 suggested you visit just for the Instagram backdrop.

One of the most recent Lemon Laine decor nods, from Homepolish, was a particularly cool read for home-design buffs — in it, designer Gracie Turner offers not only the inspiration and direction behind the “fresh and feminine” space, but points toward where you can find some of the specific furnishings and decor pieces that turned what was once a “large and sterile” box into a super-stylish space. 

I can tend to be attracted to more neutral (or, for obvious reasons, masculine) design elements, so this was an enlightening nod toward something different. Interior designers seem to think we’re trending toward softer, rounder, more feminine tones, textures and lines in 2017, so Lemon Laine’s decor definitely seems of the moment.

Fan of the shop and inclined to take some of its design inspiration into your Nashville home? Here are a few of the pieces Turner picked, and a few other options I found that fit the vibe. (All the photos here can be found on the Lemon Laine Instagram, which is a must-follow if you like interior design and/or natural health/beauty stuff. Owner Laura Lemon has a killer eye, which you can see not just in snaps of her space but the other spots she visits and shares, too.)

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Serena & Lily bar stools 

Designer Gracie Turner picked the red, woven bar stools above for Lemon Laine’s oil bar, and they definitely scream fresh and feminine. Unfortunately, S&L doesn’t seem to carry the stools in red anymore, but the navy, black and light-gray fog are still beach-y and cool.

Oversized white and gold pendant light

I love the oversized pendants inside Lemon Laine, and I think I’d also love seeing them over a big marble kitchen island, or in an open-layout dining area. These oversized cone pendants from Shades of Light aren’t the same shape, but the bright white exterior finish and glimmering gold on the inside bring a similar presence.


The easiest way to make a space feel alive and lively is to add some living things — flowers, plants, maybe a dog. I think those large and beautiful leaves in Lemon Laine’s space are Bird of Paradise plants, and for my money, your best bet for finding ones of your own is just down the street in East Nashville, at FLWR Shop (123 S 11th Street). The shop’s stock changes all the time, but they regularly stock huge, healthy houseplants like those. If you’re prone to killing plants, fake (but fairly convincing) options might do — Wayfair has a potted bird of paradise plant for about $100.

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Custom wallpaper

Great minds think alike: Back in January, I fell for Nashville custom wallpaper designers New Hat, whose work has been popping up in well-designed businesses across town. Lemon Laine made good use of NH’s talents, adding five unique and cool custom patterns. Want something one-of-a-kind in your own space? Reach New Hat projects here. (I tipped to some cool removable wallpaper options here too, but there’s no match for custom.)

CB2 Shelved mirrors

These CB2 shelved mirrors were paired with the New Hat wallpaper designs in Lemon Laine, and I could see them in a similar marriage for a home entryway or powder room. Great way to bring big design to a small space.

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CB2 Compass Dining Table

At Lemon Laine, white CB2 dining tables (pictured in the back of the above photo) were fashioned into display pieces, but I like them for their original intent, too. If you have a smaller dining area, something light, delicate and round helps make the space feel bigger – excellent benefit for home staging, if you’re getting ready to sell your place.

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Soft seating

Those chairs bring maximum luxe femininity to Lemon Laine’s seating area. Not an exact match, but close: these Simone chairs from CB2, which have a similar rosy velvet, gold-toned base and slipper shape. 

Abstract art

Lemon Laine worked in a really cool Victor Vasarely print to anchor that spot in their space. A lot of his work is more bold and busy, so if you don’t wanna directly copy but really like the relaxed simplicity of this particular piece, Souzon, let me point you toward some Nashville artists who do really cool abstract work, like Daniel Holland or Mary Mooney.

For more about Lemon Laine, visit, or stop by 1900 Eastland Avenue, Suite 102, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday noon to 5.

Looking for a new home in Nashville that’ll let you explore your home-design inspiration? I’d love to help. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes here, and tell me about your must-have list.

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