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Dated: 06/07/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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A few years ago, I wrote a bit about classic furniture pieces that we still see every day — tulip tables, Eames Lounges, Barcelona chairs and their enduringly popular brethren.

Then (and now), I thought a lot about the world of replica furniture — pieces that offer the look, if not the quality, of those classic designs. Your opinion on replica pieces may be pro or anti, and I struggle myself, since I admire artists and designers' creativity, but grasp that we don’t all have the means to really do it right.

If you do have the means to buy the real thing, though — genuine Eames Molded Shell Chairs, with sleek fiberglass, no plastic; sleek and modern Ludwig Mies van der Rohe-designed Barcelona chairs — there are few better places to find the genuine article than Design Within Reach. And Design Within Reach is coming to Nashville.

Design Within Reach’s Nashville studio

We’re getting close to the opening of a new Design Within Reach Nashville studio — they haven’t announced a specific opening date yet, but the Nashville Post said “summer,” and here we are, roasting in the Nashville summer sun. So: very soon, it looks like.

The Nashville location, unsurprisingly, is in the busy, stylish and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood The Gulch: 303 11th Avenue South, at the foot of some of Nashville’s most impressive high-rise condo communities, and right around the way from Music Row.

What you should know about Design Within Reach studios, from the company itself:

“Inside you’ll find comfortable sofas, stunning chairs, timeless tables, innovative lighting and cozy rugs  all arranged in room settings to inspire ideas for your own home. From sofas to shower curtains, we have everything you need. Plus, we’ll help you put it all together.”

If high-end furniture is an obsession — especially if midcentury designs are a particular draw — you’ll almost certainly find a lot to love once the Nashville studio opens its doors.

Prominent picks and price ranges at Design Within Reach

Something to know about the designers and pieces that tend to be stocked by Design Within Reach: The “Within Reach” is, of course, relative — the company makes high-end pieces within reach, physically speaking, but their prices are more in an aspirational range for many Nashvillians.

Some emblematic examples:

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The LC2 Petit Modele Three-Seat Sofa, designed by Le Corbusier, is an iconic piece for modern spaces, with a steel external frame and sleek, top-grain leather cushions. Grabbing one from Design Within Reach: $10,900.

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The Tulip Armchair, designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll, makes a stunning midcentury-modern statement, with a black or white base, and a choice of a mix of bright vinyl or leather seating. From Design Within Reach: prices range from $1,971 to $2,165 per chair.

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The famous Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, designed by renowned furniture names Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, takes a living room, study or lounge to a whole other level of style, with shells in various wood finishes, and upholstery in a mix of leathers or rugged Mohair. Through Design Within Reach: prices range from $5,295 to $7,295.

If you experience any of these real-deal pieces in person, you’ll quickly see why they don’t come cheap: The design, quality and materials are exquisite. 

Still, I recognize that 11 grand is a good chunk of the down payment for buying a home in Nashville for quite a few of us, so no judgment for anyone who goes with a replica. We all do what we can to make our homes display our style leanings. And sometimes, owning a real Eames piece has to stay an aspiration a little longer.

Certainly a bonus, with Design Within Reach opening their Nashville studio, we get a chance to meet the real thing in person while we plan to take those dream pieces home.

For more on Design Within Reach, visit, and keep an eye on the Design Within Reach Facebook page for updates on the opening of the Nashville studio.

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