Dress Yourself In Nashville Love With The Nash Collection And Others

Dated: 05/09/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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As my love and admiration of the Nashville Predators has grown, so has my Preds gear collection. Hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks… at this point, even my dog has a Preds-inspired wardrobe that almost necessitates her own walk-in closet (see above).

Conveniently, whether I’m aiming for Preds gear or just Nashville-centric stuff, I haven’t found it hard to wear my Nashville pride, or to buy that stuff from locally bred companies.

Looking for homegrown apparel purveyors to add to your own collection? Below, a few of my favorites:

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The Nash Collection

My steady go-to for Preds gear, The Nash Collection was launched a few years ago by owner Laci Bonner, to “embody her love for Nashville.” Nash has a lot of simple designs — including hats, Ts, beanies and more emblazoned with a big, Nashville-loving NASH — and they also make really funny fan apparel, like the above, always a hit at Bridgestone. Learn more/shop at thenashcollection.com.

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Project 615

Well-established Nashville apparel company Project 615 has a twist I really admire: Their business was built with a social-good component baked in, so they steadily raise money for causes they care about by selling new designs. Recent example: Preds Centerman Mike Fisher teamed up with the brand on a limited-edition "UnFinISHed Business" shirt, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the Nashville Predators Foundation. The look good/do good approach is hard not to love. Learn more/shop at project615.org.

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The Seven Six

Nashville brand The Seven Six aims for “honest, self-assertive apparel,” and I’m particularly into how they bring that to life on the fan front — the “Smashville” collection has some solid puns and cool designs. Their Nashville skyline shirt is one of the aesthetic best in a crowded field, too. More info/shop at thesevensix.com.

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Anderson Design Group

Anderson Design Group is probably best known for its National Parks posters — and rightfully so, since those designs are beyond cool. Unsurprisingly, when that team draws up a few T-shirts to beam love for their hometown of Nashville, they do that well too. More/shop at andersondesigngroupstore.com.

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The brand name DCXV is 615 in Roman numerals, so you know it’s built on all Nashville love, all the time. And you’ve almost certainly seen their designs — the “I Believe in Nashville” murals are DCXV. They recently closed their East Nashville storefront and will be focusing on online and wholesale sales, so if you’re reading this in mid-2018, when I’m writing it, you’ll have to wait a bit to get your DCXV orders in. But online sales are supposed to be back soon at dcxvindustries.com, so keep an eye on the DCXV Instagram for news on the digital reopening. Crossing fingers it’s up and going again before too long.

Hope this helps you shop local as you broaden your Preds-wear/etc. collections.

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