Get Inspired By A Historic Nashville Bungalow Owned By A Young Nashville Star

Dated: 04/19/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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Lennon Stella's home, photo via

I was already impressed by Lennon Stella, who, by starring in TV drama Nashville, managed to build a double-threat career as an actress and singer well before most of us had figured out how to parallel park.

But People magazine just made me that much more impressed, by sharing the fact that Stella, now 18, has been obsessed with shopping for homes in Nashville since she was a tot. (#Same, Lennon. Same.)

Naturally, the talented teen is now a Nashville homeowner, with a 1936 bungalow she showed off to People, full of of-the-moment home decor details, from soft velvet and mixed-metal furnishings to bold, attention-grabbing wallpaper.

In my book, Stella has a bright future with multiple paths to take — whether or not she decides to stick with the entertainment industry long-term, seems like she'd be a natural in home design and/or real estate.

Take a spin through the photos of Nashville star Lennon Stella’s Nashville home at

Into it, and getting inspired to personalize a historic Nashville bungalow of your own? Below, I dug up a few homes that could fit the bill, on the market now from East Nashville to Historic Richland:

{mls: 1919341}

2114 Pontotoc Ave

Nashville, TN 37206


The 1930 vibes have been stripped out of this East Nashville bungalow in some key spaces — namely, the kitchen and baths. But the historic charm, on the whole, isn’t lost. The old phone nook, heavy wood doors and stocky stone fireplace, for instance, offer loads of days-gone-by love. (Top-notch outdoor space with this one, too.)

{mls: 1917635}

1712 Villa Pl

Nashville, TN 37212


Since this 1930 bungalow is right near Belmont University, the listing agent figured it’d be an ideal parental investment, doubling as a rental for their college kids. That sounds like a fine idea; I figure it’d also be a fun restoration project, since it’s in a key location, and has those beautiful bungalow bones.

{mls: 1915924}

718 Shelby Ave

Nashville, TN 37206


Looking for an old bungalow but don’t feel up for renovations? This large 1920 home (4 beds, 3 1/2 baths and 2550 square feet) already got the overhaul: new kitchen and baths with quartz countertops, open floor plan, new hardwoods… new everything, more or less, shaped up inside a timeless brick bungalow. If you’re looking for period-perfect details, this might not be your pick, but if you’re looking for modern ease and sleekness, it’s all already in place.

{mls: 1920254}

3508 Richland Ave

Nashville, TN 37205


This 1935 Historic Richland beauty is a bit of a blank slate — although it’s been renovated, the owners clearly had a gentle hand with the 3-bed, 2 1/2 bath bungalow, making sure to keep a lot of original details, like doorknobs and trim. The result: lots of charm, lots of possibilities.

Is a historic Nashville bungalow your dream home? Looking for a different style, or a different area? Whatever your househunting wish list might look like, I’d love to help you find the perfect place. Call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and tell me about what you’re looking for.

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