Getting Your Nashville Home Ready To Sell This Summer

Dated: 05/21/2018

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by TJ Anderson

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If you’re planning on selling a home in Nashville, there are some tried-and-true, year-round kinds of prep you’ll want to take on, from deep cleaning to decluttering. But beyond that, every season brings its different extras. You'll want to make sure you're getting your chimney swept in the fall, and mulching your fallen leaves in the autumn.

Summer, too, has its particular twists for Nashville home sellers. Here are a few of the ways I'd suggest you prep, if this summer's looking like the time to sell for you:

Get your HVAC professionally serviced

Whether you’re selling your home or staying put, this should happen annually, and personally, I shoot for spring scheduling (the HVAC pros tend to be less slammed before the real heat waves hit, and this way, you’re already good and cool when the thermometers spike). 

If you haven’t already sorted this out, though, definitely make a point of booking a service appointment before your Nashville home listing hits the MLS. First, when your system's humming along as it should, you’re not risking having prospective buyers walk into a sauna on a hot showing day. When you get an offer, and a home inspector comes through, you want your expensive systems to score well too, and not give buyers unnecessary pause.

Side note: If your HVAC system is 15 or more years old, I wouldn’t necessarily say you need to go ahead and replace it before listing (especially if you’ve maintained it meticulously and it’s still working well). But you may want to brace yourself for the possibility of a buyer asking for a related concession, since the system is nearing the end of its expected life. The big systems tend to get the most attention and scrutiny from buyers (as they should), and heating and cooling systems that are a little long in the tooth can be a buyer sticking point. Just something to keep in mind.

Shape up your landscaping

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We all know how important curb appeal is for grabbing a potential buyer’s attention, but a side note that often gets ignored: It’s not just visual enticement, it’s also the message it sends about how you’ve cared for your home. Deferred exterior maintenance makes buyers assume you’ve taken a similarly lax approach throughout the home, and that issues are probably scattered throughout the place. That doesn't tend to inspired best-and-highest offers. So let’s set the stage for attraction, not bad assumptions. 

Late spring/early summer is when the weeds really hit their stride. If you haven’t already, a good, thorough weeding of the beds is key before you list, and more, it’s a good idea to thoroughly refresh all your mulch. That’ll help mitigate the weeds’ return, so you’re not spending all your time cleaning up inside and out before showings.

Professional edging is great too, and if you have some bare spots in your lawn, seeding can be smart. (Even if you still have a little straw in place for showings, it sends a message: We’ve taken care of even the small stuff.)

Repair/replace any damaged caulk or weatherstripping

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Winter can do a number on your exterior caulk/weatherstripping, especially after a handful of years. And you want to deal with that for a few reasons. First, when it’s hot out, weatherproofing issues like that tend to be obvious — you feel the hot draft pulling in around the doors and windows.

Plus, damaged weatherstripping and caulk creates entryways for wandering insects, particularly ants. And a trail of sugar ants through your kitchen during a showing is never a good look. These aren’t complex repairs, and they’re very worth it.

Clean your gutters and downspouts

It’s always a good idea to get this done once the trees in your yard are totally bare, before winter weather really hits. But you probably don’t want to overlook the post-spring cleanup either, especially if you’re listing your home. Cluttered gutters tend to look unsightly, and beyond, a home inspector is going to notice if you’re clogged up, and water isn’t moving away from the roof and foundation as it should.

Clean and stain your decks and patios, and stage your outdoor entertaining areas

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Buyers really have outdoor entertaining on the mind during the spring and summer, so if you have areas to show off in that department, it’s smart to really make them shine.

For concrete patios and walkways, a thorough power-washing is a good call. If your deck or porch hasn’t been cleaned and stained/sealed in a few years, that’s worth tackling too, so buyers aren’t seeing immediate projects.

During the warm months, I see a lot of value in bringing a little staging energy outdoors, too. Other parts of the year, I think you can get by with some key spaces, like the great room and master bedroom. But for summer, I think it’s more than worth it to make your outdoor entertaining spaces feel like the extension of your living area that they really can be. Clean up, add a few decor pieces and, if necessary, pull in some seating to make the whole space pop.

Change the direction of your ceiling fans

A little detail, but worthwhile for comfort when buyers are coming through: Swap your ceiling fans to their summer setting, counter-clockwise, to help boost your HVAC’s cooling power and bring a nice breeze.

Those are a few of the key points I like to hit in the summer, but if you’re thinking about listing your Nashville home, we can talk about specifics that’ll help your home stand out. Just call or email TJ Anderson Homes, and we’ll dig into the best ways to get your home sold.

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