Hilariously Manly 2017 Fathers Day Gifts

Dated: 06/06/2017

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by TJ Anderson

Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day, in the gift sense, isn’t usually that hard — moms tend to be forthcoming about what they like, and worst-case scenario, there are the old standards, like flowers and jewelry.

A true fact we all know, though: Dads are tough to shop for. Especially rugged, manly dads who don’t tend to drop hints about Father’s Day gifts.

I was thinking about worthwhile options, and thought my list of particularly manly dad gifts was worth sharing, if not for the help, at least for a few laughs. If you’re all set for Father’s Day 2017, keep these in your back pocket as next year’s standards.

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Festive flowers

Melt Dad’s heart with a dozen roses, made out of beef jerky and stuffed in either a pint glass or beer mug. Say it with Beef calls it a “Broquet.” I may be cringing, but I’d still probably eat these things. And I definitely laughed out loud when I found them. ($59)

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Something sweet

Can’t get Dad candy for Father’s Day unless it’s gonna hurt him. One good option: Do Not Eat This Chocolate from Lillie Belle Farms, made with “an over-generous helping of ghost chilies, Aji Amarillo chilies and a splash of Chili Arbol.” (Ghost peppers alone are 10 times hotter than a super-spicy habañero.) Locally (and for dads who can’t get with spicy), I’d vote for East Nashville’s Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co. and their Smoked Nib Brittle, which doesn’t have bacon in it but sure tastes like it does.

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Some jewels

On Mother’s Day, a necklace with the babies’ birth stones. On Father’s Day, something tough as nails. Like a sterling silver railroad nail hung on leather. Or skull-and-crossbones cufflinks with garnet eyes. Hard to go wrong with King Baby (which has a Nashville location at 615 Ninth Ave. South), since pretty much all their men’s jewelry designs are overwhelmingly manly, based on everything from animal horns to brass knuckles. ($480)

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A nice bottle of somethin’

White whiskey’s resurgence has meant lots of options — stuff with cherries in it, flavored like apple cinnamon and so forth. For Dad, though: strong and simple Popcorn Sutton Original Small Batch Recipe, made in Newport, Tennessee, and based on a hundred-year-old recipe from a famed, extremely bearded bootlegger. It’s 88 proof and clear as an oncoming hangover. (Available all around town, usually around $25-$28)

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A little bit of pampering

I wrote a little while ago about all the great beard/shave care brands that have cropped up in Nashville, and all of the ones I pointed out offer Father’s Day-worthy options. But if I had to pick one to highlight here, guess it’d have to be Whistle Punk Mens Grooming Co.’s gift set with “Flannel” and “Hatchet”-scented beard oils packed in an old cigar box. 💪 ($52)

Hope those give you some gift inspiration for your rugged dads this Father’s Day, or at least some entertainment.

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