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Dated: 02/23/2015

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by TJ Anderson

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Some home design trends have a ton of staying power — open-concept living has been a huge draw for years now, and it shows no sign of falling out of favor anytime soon. But certain things ebb and flow; when people were installing sheets of linoleum years back, they surely didn’t expect it to inspire so many downward thumbs later.

Stuff that’s lost the love post-2014? A lot of designers agree on things like chevron prints and burlap. As far as what’s gaining traction in 2015, I expect, as in most years, to see a mix of long-liked trends carrying forward and some newer twists. Here are a few of the design trends our team thinks will be coming up this year:

Contemporary/vintage pairings

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The super-perfect look has been waning for a while, and more and more, the combination of lived-in vintage pieces with sleek contemporary additions is becoming a big draw. Think antique farm tables with lucite dining chairs, or antique farmhouse sinks with clean-lined modern fixtures.

Non-white trim colors

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We’ve gotten accustomed through the years to the clean and fresh look of window and door trim in bright whites. And for a lot of homes, white and bright is still the way to go. But expect to see more dynamic trim colors this year, deep grey and black in particular.

Focal-point light fixtures

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When we were talking about kitchen design a while back, we mentioned the importance of focusing on light fixtures, and that’s only growing. In 2015, think fixtures that almost double as sculptural art pieces, and act as the major draw for the eye in the room you’re putting them in.

Copper, bronze, gold and mixed metals

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Appreciation of warmer metal tones for fixtures and doorknobs and the like really took a nosedive some years back, and brushed nickel remains the more popular choice. But don’t be surprised to see warmer metals coming back this year, from brushed bronze faucets to copper sinks. Our design-passionate Realtor Jen Bua particularly loves gold hardware against black, for drama.

Monochromatic color palettes

It takes a steady hand to really pull this off, but done well, decking out a living room in varied shades of grey or a bedroom in a mix of greens or blues can be really powerful. We think homeowners with a bold design sense will be taking this on more and more in 2015. (Though we don’t expect accent pops in complementary colors to fade away, nor should they.)

Wood-look porcelain tiles

Porcelain is getting its groove back, in part because it’s so durable and easy to maintain. You’ve probably noticed how much cooler wood-look porcelain tiles have become, too, and we think they’ll only get more popular, in kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and beyond.

High-tech home tools

A little less design, a little more function, but: Certain home additions from the high-tech set are definitely gaining in popularity. That means things like Wi-Fi-capable learning thermostats, phone app-controlled door locks and smartphone- and tablet-connected security systems. The idea of the “smart home” isn’t becoming mainstream just yet, but some of these key gadgets are really coming up.


We’re not imagining a rapid return to full-room wallpapering. But for accent walls and smaller spaces, wallpaper in cool, timeless (but often very bold) prints is definitely coming back.

Bright, clean kitchens

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This isn’t new, but growing: Homeowners and buyers are still loving the look of a light and bright, clean kitchen. Cabinets in light-colored wood or white and a crisp palette that follows suit: definitely well-loved this year.

Prominent outdoor spaces

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Another one that just keeps growing: Homeowners and home buyers continue to love and want outdoor living areas that are fleshed-out and decked-out enough to really be a part of the home. Fireplaces, beautiful and functional furniture and other touches that bring the outside in, design-wise, will be big in 2015 too.

Are you feeling any of these trends? Want to see them in your new home? Let me know — I’d love to help you find a place that fits your needs in size, location and style.

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