Homes With Oscar Marathon Worthy Media Spaces

Dated: 02/29/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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Sunday night’s Oscars apparently didn’t win any awards in terms of ratings (it was an 8-year low, Deadline says), but I wouldn’t guess that’s because people have stopped being passionate about movies.

Our tastes and habits have changed when it comes to moving pictures, but many of us — most of us, I’d say — still have plenty of love for our stories. Often, these days, it just seems like we’re more obsessed with serial TV storytelling, or major movie nights at home.

I see the trend of keeping our movie nights of the staying-in variety growing as I’m touring homes in and near Nashville — specifically, in the growing presence of dedicated media rooms. I’ll admit that I see fully decked-out media rooms more often in larger, more opulent properties, but more and more, average-sized homes are choosing to dedicate flex space to that purpose too. 

I can’t say movies/TV are the driver completely — personally, my media space would have more to do with quality Vols viewing. But I’ll guess there are plenty of house hunters out there who are determined to find a place that’ll do justice to their movie-binge nights.

With all that in mind, I looked around for some properties that have Oscar marathon-worthy media rooms. Here are a few that really caught my eye: 

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1932 Bristol Ct.

Brentwood, TN 37024


This Brentwood home was definitely designed by owners who have up-in-lights-style tastes, with bold red cabinets in the kitchen that offer Hollywood-sized personality. The media room, meanwhile, feels like a perfect private screening oasis, replete with full bar and plenty of room for seating.

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1486 Willowbrooke Cir

Franklin, TN 37069


In Franklin, a large, traditional home sets aside plenty of space for Netflix (and chill?)/etc. purposes. Cool side note: It’s not the only ample bonus space, either — there’s lots of room for your home fitness space, too.

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2500 B 9th Ave S.

Nashville, TN 37204


No, you don’t have to spend over a million to get a place with a cool media room — and you don’t necessarily have to eschew the more nightlife-oriented neighborhoods, either. This newer home in the 12 South area is well-appointed, but isn’t massive, at 2307 square feet. Guessing the owners are movie buffs, though, because there’s a nice amount of square footage designated to the media room, all set up for big-screen viewing.

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5020 High Valley Dr.

Brentwood, TN 37027


This traditional home in Brentwood has things set up nicely already, with ample space for your big screen, plush carpeting to warm up the surround sound and — bonus for movie buffs who aren’t down with streaming-only — built-ins to house a massive movie collection.

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5223 Lysander Ln.

Brentwood, TN 37027


If you’re equipped to work with a budget nearing $4 million, you can — and should — expect a media room that’s pretty close to having a legit movie theater under your roof. This one in Brentwood feels about as close to a personal multiplex as you can get minus your shoes sticking to the soda-crusted carpet, from the lofted big-screen viewing area to one fine concession stand.

Any of these feel like a winner to you? Have a different obsession you’re looking for a new home to support? Tell me about what you’re looking for — I’d love to help you find it!

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