Making A Big Statement Easy With Removable Wallpaper

Dated: 04/04/2016

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by TJ Anderson

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Not just the president/also a client at TJ Anderson Homes: Right after moving into my new place, we just embarked on some big, serious renovations — tearing walls down and the like. 

Sometimes big, difficult renovations are necessary (and/or very much wanted) in a new home. And when you have great contractors on figurative speed dial (I do, #lucky), the process can be at least relatively painless. But at the moment, mid-reno, I’m thinking about how great the other kinds of home updates are — you know, the reeeeally easy stuff. Replacing some light fixtures. Painting the front door. A bold new rug, that kind of thing — afternoon projects that bring a big visual pop.

A growing favorite with a lot of my home design-centric friends (and growing on me, too): removable wallpaper.

I know, that can sound like I’m suggesting you slap a janky sticker on your walls. But removable wallpaper has really come into its own in recent years, with a mix of companies creating beautiful patterns that let you have a wow-worthy statement wall in no time flat, and switch it up just as quickly if you get bored a year later.  (This is also a particularly great option if you’re a renter.)

Not convinced yet? Check out a few of my favorite providers below, and let me know if you’re feeling swayed.

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If you’re into sewing at all, you probably know Spoonflower as a fabric stop/marketplace that allows for/encourages independent designers to contribute fresh patterns and looks on the regular. Desperate to have some cool curtains that aren’t in everyone else’s house? It’s your place. They also offer peel and stick woven fabric wallpaper that’s easy to hang, repositionable during installation and easy to remove, too. You can choose from their many designs, or even design your own if you’re crafty like that. Options run from $6.75 per foot up for peel and stick, with designs that range from modern patterns to classic toiles.

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Walls Need Love

Maybe the coolest thing about Walls Need Love: They’re based right here in Nashville. Second coolest thing: They offer a curated mix of 50-plus removable wallpaper patterns, printed on “Fab-Tac,” a woven vinyl that stands up to moisture and fights off wrinkles, and can be peeled off and reapplied, if you decide your statement wall would be more statement-y on the north wall rather than the south. I’m drawn to their more muted, classic patters (like Treebark, above), but if you’re looking for bold or retro or totally weird, they can deliver. Prices start at $38 for 20-inch-by-5-foot roll. 

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Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper gives you the option of going big with removable wallpaper, but they also offer “Instant Art” — the same organic fabric backed with a low-tack/re-stickable adhesive, just in a painting/print-sized option, so you can forego frames and art up your walls with ease. Their wallpaper design options are plentiful, so you’ll doubtlessly find something to love, whatever your style/color preference. Since I’m on a bit of a black-and-white kick, this Poppy print gets me — it’d look killer in a kitchen. Their paper comes in 2-by-4-feet panels, for $35 a pop.

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Hygge and West

During the winter, “hygge” — Danish for cozy — is pretty much my favorite word. All year, Minneapolis’ Hygge and West aim to bring that sensibility into your home, via fabric and wallpaper, including removable wallpaper tiles. Theirs is a small but well-curated collection of patterns. I really like this Raindrops one above for a statement wall — it’s full of movement, but with enough subtlety to not feel unnecessarily busy. Their options run $58 for two 24-by-36.75 inch tiles.

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New York’s Temppaper makes a product that has a water-based self-adhesive backing, so for maximum removability, you’ll want to use their wallpaper on walls that have satin/semi-gloss paint on them. Like Spoonflower, there’s a design-your-own option, but they have a bunch of fantastic patterns to choose from, particularly if you want texture — their Burlap, above, could really warm up a bedroom. Price for that one is $125 for a double roll of 20.5 inches by 11 yards, but costs vary widely depending on material and print.

If you end up taking on a removable wallpaper project (or already have), I’d love to see! Please tag TJ Anderson Homes on Instagram: @tjandersonhomes.

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