Nashville Among Top Cities That Have Changed The Most In America

Dated: 10/30/2017

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by TJ Anderson

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A new piece I read in REALTOR Mag digs into the “10 Cities That Have Changed the Most” in the United States over the past decade, and — surprise to exactly zero Nashvillians — our beloved city of Nashville, Tennessee, made the list at a strong No. 4.

Leading the way was Austin — another surprise to no one — with Dallas and Houston following right behind. Go through the rest of the most-changed cities list here.

Among the factors that fed into the choices here: commute times, housing prices, building permits… all things that have jumped up considerably in recent years in and near Nashville.

Some perspective: “Big growth in commute times and rents can be negative, but they can also be a function of positive developments like job and income growth,” the report said. Definitely also true of Nashville.

So with that in mind, while I’m just as prone as anyone to moan about the traffic and worry about quality development, I do think it’s worth accentuating the positive, too. Nashville’s growth brings its pains, and its pluses.

Here are just a few major changes to Nashville that I see as net positives:

— A growing city needs a bigger, better, more nimble airport, and Nashville International Airport is becoming one.

— Netflix/Hulu/Amazon binging got easier as super-fast fiber internet made its way to Middle Tennessee.

— Insanely good restaurants continue to pop up at a fevered pace (including one of my new top spots, Hemingway’s Bar & Hideaway).

Improved walkability is becoming a real focus in Nashville, with projects like the Division Street Extension Bridge coming online. 

Big ideas for better public transportation are taking hold.

The world now rightly sees Nashville as a killer hockey town.

Our world of pro sports might even be broadening further.

— Nashville entrepreneurship is thriving across a wide range of industries, including anything from craft beer to beard care.

Major brands that have long skipped over our city, like IKEA, are resisting no more.

The Great Choice Plus downpayment assistance program is helping more Tennesseans achieve the dream of homeownership.

— Plenty of Northeasterners and Chicagoans will still scoff, but let’s be fair: Nashville’s pizza game has improved about a thousand percent.

Those are just a few of my cherry-picked positive Nashville changes. Any others come to your mind? Thoughts always welcome on the TJ Anderson Homes Facebook page.

And if I can help you grab the perfect piece of stability in rapidly changing Nashville, please let me know — we’d love to get you into your dream home.

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