Nashville And Franklin Dessert Shops And Sweet Tooth Stops

Nashville And Franklin Dessert Shops And Sweet Tooth Stops

Dated: 10/17/2014

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by TJ Anderson

We’re always glad to see Nashville-area-bred businesses branch out, so the official opening of The Cupcake Collection’s second location in Donelson (very much an up-and-coming part of Nashville) in late September was definitely cause for a big thumbs up. (Their first location, in historic Germantown, is still up and running as well.)

That got me thinking about the many great homegrown ways to satisfy a sweet tooth around here — from creative chocolatiers to Food Network Challenge-worthy cake shops, there’s a lot to choose from, from East Nashville to Franklin. So I collected a nice round 11 home-bred businesses — from Middle Tennessee staples to newcomers, from one side of the map to the other — that serve up fine desserts. There are plenty more, of course. Think of this as a desserts appetizer.

Pied Piper Creamery 

114 South 11th St., Nashville

There’s lots of great Nashville-born ice cream, but if you’re looking for creative flavors and creatively named flavors, it’s hard to beat East Nashville staple Pied Piper Creamery. There’s been ¡Holy Guacamole! (avocado with lime juice and cracked black pepper), What The Fudge?! (peanut butter and brownie batter) and many others, but my favorite might be the Baby Got Baklava.

Las Paletas 

2911 12th Ave S., Nashville

Another Nashville staple, Las Paletas uses fresh and seasonal ingredients in their Mexican ice pop-like treats, with more traditional flavors like tamarind and lime and seasonal spins like pumpkin and corn. Snag some at their 12 South shop.

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.

1628 Fatherland St., Nashville

The straight-up bean-to-bar chocolate Olive & Sinclair makes in their East Nashville space is remarkable, but it’s far from all they offer — make sure to try their smoky, almost bacon-y smoked nib brittle and ridiculously decadent duck fat caramels too.

Nashville Sweets 

803 Woodland St., Nashville

A newer East Nashville favorite, this is the place to go if you want that special occasion cake that looks like it came straight off the Food Network. That said, their everyday desserts — from macarons to cake pops — are pretty awesome too.

Chocolate F/X 

1006 Fatherland St., Suite 306A, Nashville

A recent transplant from Atlanta, Chocolate F/X specializes in unique flavors (like ghost pepper caramels) and unique looks (a chocolate Friday the 13th hockey mask).

Legato Gelato 

1200 Villa Pl., Suite 113, Nashville

Been to Italy? Legato Gelato serves scoops out of their Edgehill Village place that rival what you had there.

Bang Candy Co. 

1300 Clinton St., Suite 127, Nashville

Inside Bang Candy’s Marathon Village space, you can grab marshmallows that make you rethink what a marshmallow is — maple bacon bourbon-flavored half-dipped in chocolate, just-right-spicy chocolate chili and many more. Not your average s’mores, with these.


782 Old Hickory Blvd., Suite 108 in Brentwood
100 4th Ave. N., Franklin

Ask anyone in Williamson County to point you toward their favorite cupcakes, and I’ll bet money IveyCake’s name comes up. And it’s just hard to argue — made from scratch, fresh ingredients, perfect frosting-to-cake balance… Chocolate addicts should check out the Hot Mess: chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache.

Dozen Bakery 

(Soon at 516 Hagan St., Nashville)

Dozen’s opening their own shop in Wedgewood Houston soon, which is good news — they make everything from pies to shortcakes really well, but excel particularly at the classic: chocolate chip cookies. (Right now, you can find their stuff at lots of places around town, including Crema and Bang Candy.)

Wolfe Gourmet Cakes  

1701 Fatherland St., Nashville, inside The Post East

Wolfe Gourmet Cakes leader Nicole Wolfe hails from New Orleans, and when King Cake time rolls around, I highly recommend you visit her.

Christie Cookies  

1205 3rd Ave. N, Nashville

A Nashville institution (baking for more than 30 years), even if you don’t think you’ve had Christie Cookie Co. cookies, good chance you have. Those delicious warm cookies they hand you when you check into a DoubleTree hotel? Yup. When you’re not hotel-bound, though, you can grab some at CC’s Germantown HQ.

How about you — have a hometown favorite you want to throw in here?

If you’re looking to move closer to any of these places for faster access, I’d be glad to help you find the right home, too — just reach out and let me know what you're looking for.
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